Michel Girard: Device for disconnecting a releasable connector. Arianespace, Young & Thompson, July 29, 1997: US05652404 (3 worldwide citation)

The device for disconnecting a releasable connector for connecting a flexible connecting element (3) of an umbilical tower to a launcher (2) of the type comprising a base (5) fixed on the launcher (2) and adapted to receive a plug (6) connected to the flexible connecting element (3) and comprising p ...

Michel Girard: Passive repeater for communication between launch tower and satellite. Arianespace, November 3, 1995: FR2719427-A1 (1 worldwide citation)

The repeater includes a wideband antenna (6) which is placed in a chamber (3) in the top part (4) of a rocket (5) near a satellite antenna (7). The wideband antenna is connected by a first coaxial cable (8) to a connector (9) with a socket fixed to the chamber and a plug which is detachable on firin ...

Michel Girard: Disconnection system for flexible umbilical link between tower and launcher. Arianespace, November 3, 1995: FR2719281-A1

The disconnection system for flexible umbilical connection (3) between a tower and a launcher (2) uses a couple of strings connected to the cable and to the launcher. A projection (5) on the launcher receives a pin (6) connected to the flexible connection. A draw string (8) is fastened to the pin, t ...

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