Jonathan M Gorog: Automated order and payment system. Arbor International, Jon L Roberts, August 7, 1990: US04947028 (638 worldwide citation)

An automated order and payment system for use by consumers to rapidly order products and services from any location at which the consumer is present at the time of ordering. The system receives information about the products/services to be ordered by means of signals generated by scanning identifica ...

Richard L Platte Sr: Ribbed bottle with depressed oblong centers. Ann Arbor International, James M Deimen, November 13, 1990: US04969922 (35 worldwide citation)

A blow molded bottle comprising oblong depressions in opposed major sides of the bottle, the bottom of the oblong depressions being joined at the center of the bottle. Extending from the major axes ends of the oblong depressions is a single depressed rib circumferentially extending about the bottle. ...