Rick Lake
Swarnal Borthakur, Andy Perkins, Rick Lake, Marc Sulfridge: Methods for separating individual semiconductor devices from a carrier. Aptina Imaging Corporation, Treyz Law Group, G Victor Treyz, Jason Tsai, August 2, 2011: US07989266 (70 worldwide citation)

A wafer of integrated circuits may be bonded to a carrier wafer using a layer of bonding material. The thickness of the wafer of integrated circuits may then be reduced using a series of grinding operations. After grinding, backside processing operations may be performed to form scribe channels that ...

Rick Lake
Oliver Steve, Lake Rick, Hegde Shashikant, Viens Jeff, Duparre Jacques: Imaging module with symmetrical lens system and method of manufacture. APTINA IMAGING CORPORATION, OLIVER STEVE, LAKE RICK, HEGDE SHASHIKANT, VIENS JEFF, DUPARRE JACQUES, D Amico Thomas J, December 30, 2009: WO/2009/158105 (4 worldwide citation)

An imaging module and method of fabrication. The method comprises forming a first lens wafer with a plurality of outer negative lenses and forming a second lens wafer with a plurality of inner negative lenses The method further comprises bonding the first lens wafer and second lens wafer to create a ...

Dan Lelescu, Robert Mullis, Pravin Rao, Kartik Venkataraman, Cheng Lu, Junqing Chen: Method and apparatus for extended depth-of-field image restoration. Aptina Imaging Corporation, March 6, 2012: US08131097 (132 worldwide citation)

A method and apparatus are disclosed for restoring an image captured through an extended depth-of-field lens. Preprocessed data relating to image degradation is stored and used during an image restoration process.

Scott Smith: Multi-array sensor with integrated sub-array for parallax detection and photometer functionality. Aptina Imaging Corporation, RatnerPrestia, August 24, 2010: US07782364 (116 worldwide citation)

Methods and systems of imaging to correct parallax. Color information is received from multi-array sensors. Luminance information is received from a sub-array sensor arranged with the multi-array sensors. Color information received from at least one of the multi-array sensors is correlated with the ...

Chandra Mouli: Transparent-channel thin-film transistor-based pixels for high-performance image sensors. Aptina Imaging Corporation, Dickstein Shapiro, February 16, 2010: US07663165 (71 worldwide citation)

A pixel circuit, and method of forming a pixel circuit, an imager device, and a processing system include a photo-conversion device, a floating diffusion region for receiving and storing charge from the photo-conversion device, and a transparent transistor for use in operation of the pixel, wherein ...

Tongbi Jiang, J Mike Brooks: Covers for microelectronic imagers and methods for wafer-level packaging of microelectronics imagers. Aptina Imaging Corporation, Nancy Y Ru, January 10, 2012: US08092734 (66 worldwide citation)

Methods for forming and attaching covers to microelectronic imaging units, packaging microelectronic imagers at the wafer level, and microelectronic imagers having covers that protect the image sensor are disclosed herein. In one embodiment, a method includes providing a first substrate having a plu ...

Peng Lin, Scott Smith, Robert A Black: Method and apparatus for parallax correction in fused array imaging systems. Aptina Imaging Corporation, Treyz Law Group, Louis R Levenson, November 12, 2013: US08581995 (63 worldwide citation)

Electronic devices may include camera modules. A camera module may include an array camera having an array of lenses and an array of corresponding image sensors. Parallax correction and depth mapping methods may be provided for array cameras. A parallax correction method may include a global and a l ...

Brian Keelan: Super-resolution imaging systems. Aptina Imaging Corporation, Treyz Law Group, Louis R Levenson, David C Kellogg, October 21, 2014: US08866951 (60 worldwide citation)

Electronic devices may include super-resolution imaging systems for capturing multiple relatively low-resolution images and combining the captured images to form a high-resolution image. The imaging system may include image sensors configured to capture information above the Nyquist frequency of the ...

Christopher D Silsby, Peter David Cooper: Image blur correction using a secondary camera. Aptina Imaging Corporation, RatnerPrestia, October 19, 2010: US07817187 (42 worldwide citation)

A device that employs a secondary camera for use in image blur correction. The device includes a first camera that acquires a digital image and a second camera that acquires a series of digital images that enable a determination of a motion of the device during acquisition of the digital image. The ...

Christopher Dean Silsby: Motion detecting camera system. Aptina Imaging Corporation, RatnerPrestia, January 5, 2010: US07643056 (41 worldwide citation)

A motion detecting camera system includes a portable motion detection device having an image sensor for detecting motion within a field of view of the motion detection device and automatically generating a digital image of a scene within the field of view upon detection of motion. The motion detecti ...