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The deformation process is mainly applicable to tubular workpieces. The workpiece (7) is weakened in a first wall region, so that under the effect of the internal pressure, the material flows from this region into a second wall region to achieve the required deformation. The high pressure mold has t ...


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According to the present invention there is provided a method of producing a protein in a eukaryotic cell line, comprising the steps of a) providing a backbone of an artificial chromosome, b) recombining the nucleic acid encoding said protein into said backbone to generate an expression vector, c) i ...

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The clamping system for holding together parts of a tool used for forming by high internal pressure includes a tool carrier (1) acting as a stationary clamping jaw, a carrier structure (3, 4), a movable clamping jaw (8), and a bayonet joint mechanism (13-16) for holding together the tool parts betwe ...