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A shield for the end of a fiber optic connector or fiber optic connector adapter is disclosed. The shield includes a radiation absorbing element which prevents significant amounts of potentially harmful electromagnetic radiation from being discharged through the end of a connector or adapter.

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A connector for a conduit having an annular corrugated outer casing includes a clamping member which fits over an end of the casing, a ring split in one place along its circumference which fits into a corrugation trough, a housing having a conically bevelled clamping surface for engaging an inner su ...

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An F-type coaxial cable connector includes a tapered interface surface for even compression of the interface gasket and prevention of shearing. The cable is retained in the connector by a crimping arrangement including a cylindrical outer ferrule designed with a series of protruding ridges and an in ...

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A rear clamping nut retaining feature for a hardline connector includes a rear nut having a compression ring retained therein in such a manner that the compression ring is able to move axially within the rear nut. The inner peripheral surface of the nut has an axially extending protrusion which when ...

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A cylindrical sleeve (66) of electrically conductive, plastically deformable, material completes an electrical circuit path between the braid (46) of a cable (40) terminated to a back shell (30), the braid connected electrically to a ferrule (56), and the sleeve having a forward sleeve portion exten ...

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An electronic circuit component and a plurality of twinax contacts are connected together in piggy-back fashion and enclosed within a metallic frame with respective signal paths in the component and contacts being interconnected such that an apertured ground plate completes a 360.degree. electricall ...

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An improved plug connector includes a rear cable connection module individually sized to each cable required and a front outer contact portion arranged such that the modular rear cable connection component may be press fit into the outer contact portion. In order to assemble the connector, an insula ...

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A deformable plastic strip (44') is longitudinally slotted (60) along one edge to define a plurality of laterally separated longitudinal columns (62), cut, and then rolled into a tubular sleeve to form a retention member (44) which is configured to be coaxially driven into an annular passageway (72) ...

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An anti-decoupling arrangement for an electrical connector (as well as an electrical connector incorporating such an anti-decoupling arrangement) is made up of just three operative components: a spiral lock clutch, at least one spring ring, and ratchet teeth or serrations formed on an inside surface ...

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An electrical connector and cable termination system has a plug body (12) for mating with an opposed connector part, and an outlet body (22) to which a cable (60) is attached. The cable approaches the connector at an angle of 90.degree. to the major mating axis (C) of the connector. The outlet body ...