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An electrical connector is shown which is mountable to a printed circuit board (230) which includes a plurality of insulating housings (4). The vertical row of terminals is formed as a subassembly (60) where the terminals (72-75) are integrally molded within an insert 82 of dielectric material. The ...

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A coaxial connector assembly (10) includes a plug (40) and jack (140) having respective inner and outer conductors matable at a mating interface. The mating interface (MI) includes a plurality of regions A,B,C of mismatched impedance having varying axial lengths defined by diameter changes of said i ...

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An optical simulator 10, shaped to be interchangeable with a complimentary connector 7 that intermates with an optical connector housing 6 having an optical emitter 4 and an optical detector 5, comprises an alignment fixture with connectors for intermating with the optical emitter 4 and the optical ...

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A fiber optic connector assembly comprises a housing member having a passageway extending therethrough. A receptacle connector member is latchably mounted in the passageway and has therein fiber optic connectors terminated to ends of fiber optic transmission members and fiber optic cables. The fiber ...

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A coupling bushing 1 for optical fiber connectors comprises a first half structure 1A comprising a base 14 having an axial bore 16 and a socket 15 extending from tlhe rear 21 of the base 14. The socket 15 has a bore 16 axially aligned with the bore of the base 14 to form an extension thereof. The so ...

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A reference conductor for improving signal integrity in connectors and connector systems. More particularly the reference conductor includes a conductive plate positioned between adjacent rows of signal conductors in a connector and which is electrically connected to reference circuits on substrates ...

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The disclosure is directed to a pre-assembled liquid tight connector for use with flexible metallic conduit. The connector is comprised of a one piece body member having a grounding member formed integrally therewith. Additionally, the body member is so constructed as to retain a resilient polyureth ...

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A simulator in the form of a loop back optical attenuator 10 intermates with an optical connector 6 and has an exterior surface 13 facing an optical emitter 4 and an optical detector 5 and is constructed to reflect optical emission from the emitter 4 to the detector 5 for test purposes.

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An area array connector (32,42,50) for electrically interconnecting two electronic devices is disclosed. The connector (32,42,50) includes a plurality of contact elements (10) having parallel cantilevered contact fingers (18) extending obliquely outwardly from a plate (20) for one embodiment, a lami ...

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A connector (10) for electrically connecting a circuit between electronic devices has been disclosed. The connector (10) includes a platform (14, 64, 94, 114) with cantilevered spring arms (22, 62, 92, 112) extending obliquely outwardly therefrom. The spring arms (22, 62, 92, 112) include raised con ...