Lee Minus Parson
Lee Minus Parson, Eugene R DU Fresne: Magnesium containing protective coating for ferrous metal. Ameron, Christie Parker & Hale, April 11, 1978: US04083726 (3 worldwide citation)

A coating for protecting steel from corrosion is a mixture of an organic solvent and binder, powdered magnesium, and a passivating agent which has a pH greater than about 8 when in contact with water. Steel covered with the coating is cut or welded by the application of heat sufficient to melt the m ...


Lee Minus Parson
Foscante Raymond Eugene, Stevens Charles David, Parson Lee Minus: Organotin acrylate and organotin polysiloxane antifouling coating composition.. Ameron, September 2, 1987: EP0234822-A2 (1 worldwide citation)

The invention provides a marine antifouling coating composition comprising a tributyltin acrylate coresin in the range of from about 10% to about 25% by weight, a tributyltin polysiloxane coresin in the range of from about 2% to about 20% by weight, at least one filler in the range of from about 10% ...


Fritz O Seger, David R Hall: Wear resistant diamond cladding. Ameron Iron Works USA, Christie Parker & Hale, March 22, 1988: US04732364 (58 worldwide citation)

An erosion resistant article is formed by cladding a substrate with tiles having a surface layer of polycrystalline material such as diamond or cubic boron nitride. The tiles may be entirely polycrystalline diamond or may have a backing of cemented tungsten carbide. Such an article can be trim for a ...

John F Kane, Norman R Mowrer: Phenolic resin compositions with improved impact resistance. Ameron International Corporation, Christie Parker & Hale, April 7, 1998: US05736619 (57 worldwide citation)

Phenolic siloxane compositions are prepared in a first embodiment by combining phenol with an aldehyde and an alkoxy or silanol-functional silicone intermediate; in a second embodiment by combining a phenolic novolac resin with a formaldehyde donor and an alkoxy or silanol-functional silicone interm ...

Richard L Hegle: Mortarless retaining-wall system and components thereof. Ameron, Christie Parker & Hale, April 23, 1985: US04512685 (57 worldwide citation)

A building block made of concrete or the like comprises a front face, a back face, a top face, a bottom face, and a pair of side faces. The top face has a convex angular first surface with a vertex extending between the side faces, and a concave angular second surface with a vertex extending between ...

Norman R Mowrer, J Luis Rojas: Polysiloxane polyurethane compositions. Ameron International Corporation, Christie Parker & Hale, June 2, 1998: US05760155 (56 worldwide citation)

A polysiloxane polyurethane composition is prepared by combining in the presence of water and in a predetermined proportion an organic di- or polyisocyanate, a polyol, an hydroxyl-containing silicon material having the hydroxyl groups attached directly to a silicon atom, an organotin catalyst, an am ...

Gerald M Magarian: Impregnating a fibrous web with liquid. Ameron, Christie Parker & Hale, June 17, 1980: US04208230 (54 worldwide citation)

A moving, fibrous web is impregnated with a liquid by placing the liquid on the surface of the web, spreading the liquid over the web surface, pressuring a portion of the liquid into the web to partially saturate the web with the liquid and leave residual liquid on the web, and metering the residual ...

Raymond E Foscante, Albert P Gysegem, Pamela J Martinich, Gabriel H Law: Interpenetrating polymer network comprising epoxy polymer and polysiloxane. Ameron, Christie Parker & Hale, February 10, 1981: US04250074 (45 worldwide citation)

Polymeric structures having interpenetrating matrices in cured form comprising an epoxy-polyamine network and a polysiloxane network. The interpenetrating network physical and chemical properties are improved over those of either polymeric component alone. The network can be prepared by simultaneous ...

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