Polyak Mark: Apparatus for removal of objects from body passages.. American Med Syst, July 27, 1988: EP0276104-A2 (404 worldwide citation)

An apparatus for insertion into the urethra for attachment to and removal of an in-dwelling urinary continence device comprises generally a tubular body (31) having a longitudinal bore (33) with a slidable shaft (32) therein. Slidable jaws (41,42) are connected to a first end of the shaft and are no ...

Burton John H, Staehle Bradford G: Stent placement instrument.. American Med Syst, January 16, 1991: EP0408245-A1 (96 worldwide citation)

An instrument for the deployment or retraction of a self-expanding stent (10) in a body canal (4), which comprises an elongated tubular outer sleeve (1) having disposed therein an elongated core (5) which is movable relative to said sleeve (1) and has a grip member (9) formed at or near its distal e ...

Reddy Pratap Konudulla, Mikulich Michael Andrew, Clark David Winston: Prostate balloon dilator.. American Med Syst, November 15, 1989: EP0341988-A1 (37 worldwide citation)

An apparatus for dilation of the prostate urethra (11) comprises a urinary catheter (10) for insertion in the prostate urethra (11), dilation means (18) mounted on the proximal section of the catheter (10) and in communication with the interior of the catheter (10), location means (20) mounted axial ...

Burton John Hanley, Staehle Bradford George, Kuyava Charles Chester: American Med Syst, December 1, 1982: EP0065853-A1 (25 worldwide citation)

A surgically implantable prosthesis for the treatment of penile erectile impotence in male patients. The device comprises at least one elongated cylinder implanted within one of the corpora cavernosa of the penis. The flexible, distal end of the cylinder is adapted to rigidize upon being filled with ...

Polyak Mark: Artificial sphincter device.. American Med Syst, December 27, 1989: EP0348114-A1 (19 worldwide citation)

Disclosed is an apparatus for controlling the discharge of materials through a body passage. The invention comprises a fluid actuated artificial sphincter mechanism that surrounds the body passage. The artificial sphincter includes an inflatable cuff (16) surrounded by a hollow resilient C-shaped re ...


Rocheleau Gary A, Neisz Johann J, Nachreiner Gary J: American Med Syst, February 23, 2005: EP1508305-A2 (15 worldwide citation)

An assembly for treating incontinence comprising a sling for implantation in the body, and a coupler having an axis, the coupler having a first end portion and a second end portion, the second end portion of the coupler having sling association structure for associating the coupler with the sling.


Berg Eric Peter: Injectable polymeric bodies.. American Med Syst, December 12, 1990: EP0402031-A2 (11 worldwide citation)

An injectable composition comprising a plurality of discrete physiologically-compatible, non-biodegradable, polymeric bodies, said bodies having (i) an average outside diameter of from about 0.005 to 0.20 inch, (ii) reversible deformability of about 20 to 75% of their unstressed outside diameter, an ...

Polyak Mark: Implantable artificial sphincter system.. American Med Syst, January 23, 1991: EP0409592-A1 (11 worldwide citation)

This invention relates to an implantable artificial sphincter system (10) for reversibly occluding a body passageway (18), which system includes occlusion means (16), pump means (12), and the unique feature of a fluid capacitor (38) disposed on a control assembly (14) for the system (10), which is c ...

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