Rockwell Harvey W, Ringland William L: Electric powered wheel. Allis Chalmers Corporation, May 28, 1974: US3812928 (101 worldwide citation)

A compact electric wheel unit using a high torque, moderate speed inside out electric motor and a planetary speed reducer wherein a friction brake is mounted on a stationary ring gear component of the planetary gearing. In one embodiment, lubricating and cooling fluid is circulated through the motor ...

Robert M Empey: Hopper gate for self-unloading ships. Allis Chalmers Corporation, Robert C Sullivan, January 25, 1977: US04004700 (70 worldwide citation)

A belt feeder gate for use in self-unloading ships of the type in which the hold of the ship is provided with a hoppered bottom including a plurality of hoppers overlying an unloading conveyor belt moving lengthwise of the ship. Each open hopper bottom is closed by a gate comprising two wheeled gate ...

Frederick A Stich: Transistor bridge inverter motor drive having reduced harmonics. Allis Chalmers Corporation, Lee H Kaiser, June 29, 1976: US03967173 (61 worldwide citation)

A harmonic reduced pulse width modulation, variable speed transistor bridge inverter drive controls frequency and magnitude of stator voltage applied to an induction motor so as to maintain constant flux in the motor and permit maximum driving torque to be realized from the motor over a wide speed r ...

David L Murray: Planter gauge wheels with adjustable equalizer mechanism. Allis Chalmers Corporation, Charles L Schwab, February 14, 1984: US04430952 (55 worldwide citation)

A row crop planter unit (11) is supported by a pair of laterally spaced wheel and disc assemblies (56, 57) mounted on corresponding ends of a pair of walking beams (58, 59). The other corresponding ends of the walking beams (58, 59) are interconnected by an equalizer mechanism (76) which includes a ...

Martin W Coleman, Edwin M Northup: Closed-loop combine header height control. Allis Chalmers Corporation, Lee H Kaiser, January 30, 1979: US04136508 (51 worldwide citation)

A closed-loop height control for the header of a combine harvester permits adjustment of height setpoint and deadband from the operator's platform without stopping the combine. A variable capacitance is rotated in accordance with minimum clearance between header and ground to generate a continuous e ...

Thomas P Gilmore: Overcurrent and overtemperature protective circuit for power transistor system. Allis Chalmers Corporation, Lee H Kaiser, November 23, 1982: US04360852 (50 worldwide citation)

A power transistor switch is protected against thermal destruction that might be caused by accidental short circuiting of the load being switched by a protective circuit having a base-drive-removing transistor in shunt to the base-emitter junction of the power transistor; an RC circuit including a c ...

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The wheels of a vehicle are driven by inductor type synchronous motors having solid rotors without windings and commutators. A diesel on the vehicle drives a pair of high frequency rotating generators each of which supplies power to a pair of the synchronous motors. Power pedal means actuated by the ...

Selep Andrew, Corners Hales, Hartwig Walter J: High temperature valve. Allis Chalmers Corporation, Sullivan Robert C, September 24, 1974: US3837356 (48 worldwide citation)

There is provided in accordance with one embodiment of the invention a valve for use under high temperature conditions including a linearly slidable valve member made of silicon carbide and having a valve aperture therein which is slidably movable into or out of registry, or into varying degrees of ...

Frederick A Stich: Transistor inverter motor drive having voltage boost at low speeds. Allis Chalmers Corporation, Lee H Kaiser, July 27, 1976: US03971972 (46 worldwide citation)

A transistor inverter drive provides variable frequency and variable voltage power to an electric motor and pulse width modulates a predetermined number of harmonic-reduced constant volt/hertz pulses per cycle of motor frequency to selectively vary the motor stator voltage so that constant torque ov ...

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A load-sensing device for sensing strain on the rear drive housing responsive to draft loads on the vehicle for generating a signal for controlling the raising and lowering of an implement through a hydraulic system of distributing vehicle weight or vehicle and implement weight.