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An improved backlighting apparatus comprising a slab waveguide that accepts light rays generated by a light source and transmits the light rays via total internal reflection. Attached on one face of the slab waveguide is an array of microprisms, with each microprism having an light input surface par ...

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A vehicle storage battery is monitored to determine battery capacity, state of charge and certain fault conditions. The ambient temperature, battery voltage alternator/regulator output voltage and current to and from the battery are continuously measured. Current voltage (I-V) data is analyzed to de ...

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A system and method for monitoring and reporting on the condition of a vehicle battery which measures battery voltage and current drain during engine start, and computes the battery dynamic internal resistance (IR) and dynamic polarization resistance (PR) from these quantities. Also, the quiescent v ...

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An improved backlight assembly comprising an array of apertures in close proximity to a light source, an array of tapered optical elements that have a light input surface area smaller than the light output surface area. Light rays pass through the apertures and are directed to the optical elements w ...

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This invention is directed to a composite formed from a gamma phase polyamide such as nylon 6 having dispersed therein a particulate material such as a phyllosilicate as for example montmorillonite.

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A method comprising etching a material under plasma etching conditions using an etching composition which has a GWP of no greater than about 3000 and which comprises at least one etchant compound having a formula selected from the group consisting of F—CO—[(CR

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A system and method according to the present invention monitors battery status and engine conditions and controls the alternator to selectively charge the battery depending upon specified battery and engine conditions to optimize the health and operating characteristics of the battery and engine, re ...

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A terrain awareness system (TAS) provides LOOK-AHEAD/LOOK-DOWN as well as LOOK-UP terrain advisory and warning indications to the pilot of an aircraft of a hazardous flight condition. The TAS includes an airport data base as well as a terrain data base that is structured to provide various resolutio ...

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A radar based terrain and obstacle detection device for aircraft detects obstacles and terrain ahead of the aircraft. An alert is sounded if the obstacle or terrain is above a clearance plane positioned ahead of the aircraft.

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A direct view display including a light generating means for generating light, a modulating means for modulating light from said light generating means to form an image, and an image display means for displaying said image from said modulating means positioned adjacent to the light output surface of ...