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Solutions of ultrahigh molecular weight polymers such as polyethylene in a relatively non-volatile solvent are extruded through an aperture at constant concentration through the aperture and cooled to form a first gel of indefinite length. The first gels are extracted with a volatile solvent to form ...

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A magnetic article surveillance system marker is adapted, when armed, to resonate at a frequency provided by an incident magnetic field applied within an interrogation zone. The marker is an elongated ductile strip of magnetostrictive ferromagnetic material disposed adjacent to a ferromagnetic eleme ...

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Novel catalytic electrode in which the oxidation catalyst is protected from unfavorable redox potentials by an insulation/rectification matrix composed of a polymeric matrix containing an insulating and rectifying effective amount of a dispersed redox conductor.

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A microminiature valve having a multilayer integral structure formed on a semiconductor substrate. The valve comprises a semiconductor substrate having inlet and outlet apertures and a raised valve seat. The substrate is overlayed with a nonporous top layer and an intermediate layer. The central por ...

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A probe polynucleotide binds to a target nucleotide sequence in the nucleic acid of a biological sample, and then is enzymatically extended in the 3'-direction with a mixture of nucleoside triphosphates including at least one nucleoside triphosphate that has been detectably labeled. After separating ...

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Formed from trifunctional units (M) having attached, to one of two terminal carbon atoms of an alkylene hydrocarbon diradical, the functional group A', and having attached, to the other terminal carbon atom, a different functional group B' reactive with A' to form a linkage AB; and having attached, ...

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A set of three annular ribs (44,46,48) disposed annularly around a crimp sleeve (28) are crimped radially inward about a coaxial cable (10) having a forward end portion (20) of its cable braid (16) exposed and folded backwardly, the ribs when crimped inwardly providing cable retention, electrical ci ...

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This invention is directed to a methjod for charging a rechargeable battery. In this method, the open voltage of the battery is measured and the number of cells estimated. The state of charge of the battery is then tested by supplying a controllably varying charging current to the battery and testin ...

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The present invention provides an improved, ballistic-resistant composite article of manufacture which comprises a network of high strength fibers having a tensile modulus of at least about 500 grams/denier and an energy-to-break of at least about 22 Joules/gram. An elastomeric matrix material subst ...

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An optical beam homogenizer divides and redirects an incident beam to provide uniform irradiation to a plane surface. The beam homogenizer is particularly useful in an apparatus and method for uniform laser irradiation of materials. The apparatus comprises a laser, a beam homogenizer, and a support ...