Tom Mitchell
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A bakery enzyme composition and method of making the same. The bakery enzyme composition includes an enzyme preparation comprising an enzyme, preferably a lipolytic enzyme. The composition further comprises a carrier component, preferably selected from bakery starches and flours, and mixtures thereo ...

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A method and a surgical stapling instrument for the stapling together of the free ends of two hollow organs. The instrument comprises an elongated tubular body, a base unit concentrically connected to the body and a head unit mounted to the body and concentric therewith for relative movement with re ...

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Solutions of ultrahigh molecular weight polymers such as polyethylene in a relatively non-volatile solvent are extruded through an aperture at constant concentration through the aperture and cooled to form a first gel of indefinite length. The first gels are extracted with a volatile solvent to form ...

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A trilobal or quadrilobal fiber formed from thermoplastic polymers, said fiber having a cross-section comprised of a central core having three or four T-shaped lobes, the legs of each intersecting at the center of said core such that the angle between the legs of adjacent lobes is from about 80.degr ...

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Novel metal alloy compositions which are obtained in the amorphous state and are superior to such previously known alloys based on the same metals are provided; these new compositions are easily quenched to the amorphous state and possess desirable physical properties. Also disclosed is a novel arti ...

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A magnetic article surveillance system marker is adapted, when armed, to resonate at a frequency provided by an incident magnetic field applied within an interrogation zone. The marker is an elongated ductile strip of magnetostrictive ferromagnetic material disposed adjacent to a ferromagnetic eleme ...

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Novel catalytic electrode in which the oxidation catalyst is protected from unfavorable redox potentials by an insulation/rectification matrix composed of a polymeric matrix containing an insulating and rectifying effective amount of a dispersed redox conductor.

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Method and apparatus for performing system monitoring and diagnostics is disclosed. In performing system monitoring, data is acquired from the system under test and compared to an event model. The event model comprises a database having event records which pre-define events which can occur. Each eve ...

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A local area network switch which implements packet segmentation and reassembly for cell-based switching on a backplane cell bus. A plurality of packet processing units are each coupled to a backplane cell bus wherein each packet processing unit hosts a plurality of local area network ports. Each pa ...