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A graphical user interface, together with a comparable scripting interface, couples a plurality of finite element, finite volume, or finite difference analytical programs and permits iterative convergence of multiple programs through one set of predefined commands. The user is permitted to select th ...

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A fiber placement machine undergoes a plurality of axes of motion in locating a delivery head (containing a compaction roller) perpendicular to a mandrel, with relative movement between the head and the mandrel along a predetermined path, which may be over a complex compounded shape. The machine inc ...

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A log-periodic antenna having a layer of dielectric media interposed between a microstrip log-periodic portion and a slot log-periodic portion where an array of two or more log-periodic antennas that may be placed about vehicles, such as air vehicles, or mounted on stationary structures, such as com ...

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Improved anodes having active materials consisting substantially of one or more lithium insertion compounds further consisting of transition metal chalcogenides or oxides capable of reversibly intercalating lithium ions are disclosed. Cells utilizing these anodes are also disclosed.

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The invention is an abrasive fluid cutting composition comprising a carrier fluid, and an abrasive. Preferably, the composition may also include a surface active agent. The invention also comprises a method for removing material from a substrate through application of the abrasive fluid of the inven ...

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A system guides a vehicle along a predefined path by correlating vehicle side range profiles. A lead vehicle gathers side range data using active radiation sources such as light emitting diodes. A microprocessor-based system on board the lead vehicle stores the data into records of a database file, ...

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A method and apparatus for the generation of a three-dimensional image representing structures detected within a volume. Two dimensional differential phase measurements are made on backscatter signals. Azimuth, elevation and range are calculated over a statistically large number of spatially diverse ...

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An optical storage medium with gray scale capability comprising: a plurality of facing substrates in series; alignment layers disposed on one or both sides of the substrates to give alignment layer pair(s) wherein at least one of the alignment layers of each of the alignment layer pair(s) is an opti ...

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The invention provides a relatively low cost, high resolution precision target acquisition and tracking system capable of operation on nonspinning ballistic munition projectiles, or the like. The system includes an imaging IR sensor head which is preferably gimbal mounted and utilizes an ambient tem ...

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Clean burning, non-self extinguishing propellant compositions for use in hybrid automotive air bag systems are disclosed. The propellant compositions are based on a mixture of a crystalline nitramine propellant, an energetic or non-energetic binder and one or a combination of an oxidizing propellant ...