Karen Buechler
Alan W Weimer, Jaimee K Dahl, Allan A Lewandowski, Carl Bingham, Karen J Raska Buechler, Willy Grothe: Solar-thermal reaction processing. The Regents of the University of Colorado a body corporate, Alliance for Substainable Energy, Snell & Wilmer L, March 18, 2014: US08673035

In an embodiment, a method of conducting a high temperature chemical reaction that produces hydrogen or synthesis gas is described. The high temperature chemical reaction is conducted in a reactor having at least two reactor shells, including an inner shell and an outer shell. Heat absorbing particl ...

Kevin Bennion, Matthew Thornton: Parallel integrated thermal management. Alliance for Substainable Energy, John C Stolpa, August 19, 2014: US08806882 (1 worldwide citation)

Embodiments discussed herein are directed to managing the heat content of two vehicle subsystems through a single coolant loop having parallel branches for each subsystem.

Calvin J Curtis, Alexander Miedaner, Marinus Franciscus Antonius Maria Van Hest, David S Ginley, Peter A Hersh, Louay Eldada, Billy J Stanbery: Liquid precursor for deposition of copper selenide and method of preparing the same. Alliance for Substainable Energy, Michael A McIntyre, Suzanne C Walts, September 8, 2015: US09130084

Liquid precursors containing copper and selenium suitable for deposition on a substrate to form thin films suitable for semiconductor applications are disclosed. Methods of preparing such liquid precursors and methods of depositing a precursor on a substrate are also disclosed.


Lin Jay Simpson: Hydrogen-Based Electrochemical Energy Storage. Alliance for Substainable Energy, July 14, 2011: US20110171527-A1

An energy storage device (100) providing high storage densities via hydrogen storage. The device (100) includes a counter electrode (110), a storage electrode (130), and an ion conducting membrane (120) positioned between the counter electrode (110) and the storage electrode (130). The counter elect ...

High Bandgap III-V Alloys for High Efficiency Optoelectronics. Alliance for Substainable Energy, August 29, 2013: US20130221326-A1

High bandgap alloys for high efficiency optoelectronics are disclosed. An exemplary optoelectronic device may include a substrate, at least one Al1-xInxP layer, and a step-grade buffer between the substrate and at least one Al1-xInxP layer. The buffer may begin with a layer that is substantially lat ...

Hennessey Susan Marie, Seapan Mayis, Elander Richard T, Tucker III Melvin P: Process for concentrated biomass saccharification. E I Du Pont de Nemours And Company, Alliance for Substainable Energy, quan lujun fu lei, September 29, 2010: CN200880103346

Processes for saccharification of pretreated biomass to obtain high concentrations of fermentable sugars are provided. Specifically, a process was developed that uses a fed batch approach with particle size reduction to provide a high dry weight of biomass content enzymatic saccharification reaction ...

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