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A corrosion resistant tube assembly is disclosed comprising a corrosion susceptible metal tubing having an outside surface, an inside surface and end surfaces. Peripheral end portions of the tubing are provided with an overlay of corrosion resistant metal extending along a portion of the outside sur ...

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A ferritic stainless steel alloy is provided which is hot workable and is resistant to thermal cyclic oxidation and scaling at elevated temperatures. The iron-chromium-aluminum alloy contains cerium, lanthanum and other rare earths and is suitable for forming thereon an adherent textured aluminum ox ...

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A die assembly for use in forming operations, such as hot extruding wherein the forming insert is frustoconical in shape and is cold pressed into a sleeved support which is contained within a casing with the major base of the insert facing the exit side of the assembly and supported under axial load ...

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A rapidly quenced, cast metallic strip is disclosed comprising a plurality of dissimilar portions, each portion metallurgically alloy-bonded during casting to adjacent portions along the longitudinal extent of the strip. In the method and apparatus for producing such strip a stream of molten metal i ...

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A temporary, protective plastic coating for an article, such as ornamental tubing, which may be sprayed on the tubing becoming adhered thereto and, upon nominal drying, a strip of material such as adhesive-backed tape is placed in contact with the coating over a full length in one dimension. The str ...

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A corrosion-resistant component is provided for a corrosion-resistant tube assembly. The component includes a corrosion-susceptible metal tube and a sleeve of corrosion-resistant metal mechanically joined to the tube for protecting the end portions of the tube. The sleeve includes a first portion te ...

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An apparatus for continuously casting strip material onto a casting surface includes a tundish for receiving and holding molten metal having a nozzle therein. The nozzle comprises an orifice passage defined between a first inside surface and a second inside surface, wherein at least a portion of at ...

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Careful control of chemistry, and in particular niobium, and of annealing temperatures provides a ferritic stainless steel of improved creep strength. Annealing is performed at a temperature of at least 1900.degree. F., and in certain embodiments, at a temperature no higher than 1990.degree. F.

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A method of making a metal core for alternating current applications by powder metallurgy is disclosed. Ferro-magnetic powder is pressed into a cross section of the core, with the thickness of the cross section approaching that below which the green density is no longer uniform throughout the volume ...

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A method and apparatus for scribing grain-oriented silicon steel to improve the core loss thereof is provided. The method comprises passing the final gauge steel after cold rolling through a roll pass defined by an anvil roll and a scribing roll having a surface with a plurality of projections there ...