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A vector system for transformation of Trichoderma has been developed. The vector system can be used for high expression and secretion of proteins in Trichoderma by transformation of a suitable Trichoderma strain with the vector system comprising a gene for a desired protein.

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The invention is directed to methods of converting high mannose type glycosylation patterns to hybrid or complex type glycosylation patterns.

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A therapeutic method is provided for use as an adjunct in the treatment of alcoholism. The method consists of extinguishing the alcohol-drinking response of alcoholics during a relatively short period of time by having them drink alcoholic beverage repeatedly while an opiate antagonist blocks the po ...

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A method for treating alcoholism. The alcohol-drinking response of alcoholics is extinguished by having them drink alcoholic beverages while nalmefene, an opiate antagonist, blocks the positive reinforcement effect of ethanol in the brain.

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Method for the purification of a two-component liquid mixture by distillation, whereby the liquid mixture to be purified is fed into a multi-plate purifying column between its bottom space and still head, a diluting liquid consisting of one of the components of the liquid mixture is fed into the col ...

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A method for treating alcoholism by extinguishing the alcohol-drinking response in which an opiate antagonist is transdermally administered to a subject and a device for transdermally administering the antagonist. The device is a package containing a fixed dose of opiate antagonist, a vehicle and a ...

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The full length DNA sequence encoding the mature cellobiohydrolase II(CHBII), as well as the DNA sequence encoding the CBHII signal sequence, have been isolated and cloned from the fungus Trichoderma reesei. Recombinant vectors comprising these sequences, and yeast hosts transformed with such vector ...

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Enzyme preparations enriched in hemicellulase-, pectin-, and/or lignin-degrading enzymes are described which are also partially or completely deficient in cellulase degrading activity. Such preparations may be utilized in an crude, unpurified form and are especially useful in the production of pulp ...

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A process for steeping corn or sorghum kernels in warm water containing sulfur dioxide in the presence of an enzyme preparation comprising one or more phytin degrading enzymes, preferably in such an amount that the phytin present in the corn or sorghum is substantially degraded. The enzyme preparati ...

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A degradation product of a polysaccharide derivative comprising a mixture of oligomers of the polysaccharide derivative, the majority of said oligomers having a molecular weight such that the oligomer conforms to a rod-like configuration.