Leif J Sundblom, Daniel D Rogers: Surgical cassette proximity sensing and latching apparatus. Alcon Laboratories, Ron Fish, July 19, 1988: US04758220 (484 worldwide citation)

There is disclosed herein a system for providing control of multiple functions needed to perform eye surgery. A microprocessor based system controls a vacuum generation system using venturis and linear valves and a pneumatic system for driving vitrectomy probes and pneumatic scissors in either a var ...

Mikhail Boukhny: Torsional ultrasound handpiece. Alcon Laboratories, Jeff Schira, June 20, 2000: US06077285 (193 worldwide citation)

A handpiece having two sets of piezoelectric elements. One set of elements is polarized to produce longitudinal motion. The other set of elements is polarized to produce torsional motion. An appropriate ultrasound driver drives each set of elements at their respective resonant frequencies to produce ...

Mikhail Boukhny: System and method for tuning and controlling an ultrasonic handpiece. Alcon Laboratories, Jeffrey S Schira, September 15, 1998: US05808396 (139 worldwide citation)

A system and method for tuning and controlling ultrasonic handpieces by incorporating a broad-spectrum signal as at least a component of the signal used to drive the handpiece. The response of the handpiece to this broad-spectrum signal is measured and the frequency or amplitude or both of the drive ...

Chun Shen Lee, Michael J Simpson: Diffractive multifocal ophthalmic lens. Alcon Laboratories, Jeffrey S Schira, December 16, 1997: US05699142 (119 worldwide citation)

A diffractive, multifocal ophthalmic lens including an apodization zone with echelettes having a smoothly reduced step height to shift the energy balance from the near image to the distant image and thus reduce the glare perceived when viewing a discrete, distant light source.

Leif J Sundblom, William T George: Fast response tubeless vacuum aspiration collection cassette. Alcon Laboratories, Zarley McKee Thomte Voorhees & Sease, July 19, 1988: US04758238 (118 worldwide citation)

A fast response, tubeless vacuum aspiration collection cassette includes large and small containers defined within a cassette housing adapted to be removably secured to a surgical aspiration machine. A first wall of the cassette housing abutting the machine includes connectors thereto to provide a c ...

David L Jinkerson: Polymerizable yellow dyes and their use in opthalmic lenses. Alcon Laboratories, Patrick M Ryan, November 28, 1995: US05470932 (114 worldwide citation)

Novel polymerizable yellow dyes are disclosed. Additionally, novel and known dyes are used to block or lower the intensity of blue light transmitted through ocular lenses and other windows.

Kyle Brown, Stephen J Van Noy: Plunger. Alcon Laboratories, Jeffrey S Schira, January 4, 2000: US06010510 (111 worldwide citation)

An intraocular lens injector plunger having a blunt, rounded tip offset from the centerline of the plunger rod. The offset tip assures that the tip is biased downward against the bottom of the cartridge bore. Such a downward bias helps prevent the tip from riding up over the IOL and being folded wit ...

Thomas E Devlin, Kristin W Grube: Cutting blade assembly for a surgical scissors. Alcon Laboratories, Jeffrey S Schira, October 8, 1996: US05562693 (109 worldwide citation)

The present invention includes a stationary outer blade and a rotating inner cutting blade. A unique blade design and geometry allows clean, smooth cuts in fibrous tissue.

Russell A Gall, Don A Clements, Michael J Kent: Means and method for dispensing substances. Alcon Laboratories, Zarley McKee Thomte Voorhees & Sease, October 3, 1989: US04871094 (108 worldwide citation)

A dispenser for substances including solids, liquids, semi-solids, and gels including a forward member having a bore extending between its front and back opposite ends. The front end of the forward member consists of an application orifice. A rearward member is translateably movable with respect to ...

Raymond L Stark: Aqueous antimicrobial ophthalmic solutions. Alcon Laboratories, Fitch Even Tabin & Flannery, June 25, 1985: US04525346 (108 worldwide citation)

This invention relates to ophthalmic compositions which comprise quaternary ammonium salt having the formula ##STR1## wherein X=a pharmaceutically acceptable anion, such compositions providing aqueous disinfecting solutions for contact lenses as well as a preserved ocular compositions including cont ...

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