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There is disclosed herein a system for providing control of multiple functions needed to perform eye surgery. A microprocessor based system controls a vacuum generation system using venturis and linear valves and a pneumatic system for driving vitrectomy probes and pneumatic scissors in either a var ...

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System and method for identifying a component, such as an optical probe or pneumatic scissors, of an ophthalmic surgical device. A component of a surgical device includes an identifier, such as a RFID tag. Data from the RFID tag is transmitted to a RFID reader in the device. A controller determines ...

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A cassette having a one-piece housing adapted to be held in operative association with a control console. Integrally formed channels on the external surface of the housing form three sides of various fluid flow passages within the cassette. A plastic gasket adhered to the cassette seals the channels ...

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A handpiece having two sets of piezoelectric elements. One set of elements is polarized to produce longitudinal motion. The other set of elements is polarized to produce torsional motion. An appropriate ultrasound driver drives each set of elements at their respective resonant frequencies to produce ...

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This invention is related to an improved method and apparatus for use in controlling the ultrasonic fragmentation of the body tissue. The ultrasonic apparatus includes a transducer assembly mounted in the handpiece assembly. The transducer is operable for converting electrical power to ultrasonic me ...

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An improved vitreous cutter having a housing with two halves connected together by tapered pins on one half fitting into holes on the other half with a proximal end, a distal end, an internal transverse bore and a longitudinal bore intersecting the transverse bore and penetrating the housing at the ...

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The present invention is directed to a drug delivery device for a human eye. The human eye has a sclera, an inferior oblique muscle, and a macula. The device of the present invention includes a pharmaceutically active agent, and a geometry that facilitates the implantation of the device on an outer ...

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A diffractive, multifocal ophthalmic lens including an apodization zone with echelettes having a smoothly reduced step height to shift the energy balance from the near image to the distant image and thus reduce the glare perceived when viewing a discrete, distant light source.

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An improved computer based surgical video overlay system that allows relevant surgical data from a surgical apparatus to be combined as a graphic image with the video image of a surgical procedure in which the data from the surgical apparatus is sent wireless to the video overlay console. Eliminatio ...