Robert B Davis, John Skelton, Richard E Clark, Wilbur M Swanson: Heart valve prosthesis. Albany International, Washington University, Kenway & Jenney, November 3, 1981: US04297749 (387 worldwide citation)

A frame system for heart valve prosthesis. A first frame has at least three generally parallel legs each comprising a pair of rod portions connected at one end and diverging at the other end as lobes respectively connecting with rod portions of others of said legs. The lobes form an aperture therebe ...

Coplan Myron J: Combined surgical suture and needle. Albany International Corporation, Kenway & Jenney, November 11, 1975: US3918455 (252 worldwide citation)

A combination suture-needle assembly wherein the suture diameter and the maximum needle diameter are preferably the same or the suture diameter may be less than the needle diameter. The needle is secured to the suture by means of a needle shank portion of smaller diameter than the maximum needle dia ...

Jan Rexfelt, Sven Arne Svensson: Press felt and method of manufacturing it. Albany International, Kane Dalsimer Sullivan Kurucz Levy Eisele & Richard, November 1, 1994: US05360656 (104 worldwide citation)

A press felt is devised for use in a papermaking machine, and a method is provided for manufacturing such a press felt. The press felt comprises a base fabric which is made of fabric of yarn material and is endless in the machine direction of the press felt, and one or more layers of fiber material ...

Mir I A Khan: Non-twill paperforming fabric. Albany International, Quarles & Brady, July 17, 1979: US04161195 (101 worldwide citation)

A paperforming fabric of synthetic, monofilament threads is shown as woven in five, or a greater number of harnesses, the warp and weft threads of which it is comprised being interwoven in a non-regular twill pattern with the threads of each thread system interlaced through the fabric to have suffic ...

Edward R Hahn: Low density multilayer papermaking fabric. Albany International, Quarles & Brady, November 16, 1982: US04359069 (93 worldwide citation)

A papermaking fabric of the multilayer type having threads of a multiple layer thread system extending in one fabric direction and threads of a single layer thread system extending in the other fabric direction which are interwoven with the threads of each of the multiple layers. The threads of the ...

William H Dutt: Forming fabric structure to resist rewet of the paper sheet. Albany International, Kane Dalsimer Sullivan Kurucz Levy Eisele and Richard, July 26, 1988: US04759976 (86 worldwide citation)

Forming fabrics are made in multilayer construction, with a hydrophobic top layer and a hydrophilic base layer or layers. The fabric is advantageous in a forming wire, obviating rewet in a forming paper sheet.

John M Hawes: Triple layer papermaking fabric including top and bottom weft yarns interwoven with a warp yarn system. Albany International, Kane Dalsimer Sullivan Kurucz Levy Eisele & Richard, October 3, 1995: US05454405 (84 worldwide citation)

A triple-layer papermaking fabric includes top and a bottom weft yarn layers interwoven with a system of warp yarns. The warp yarn system includes pairs of associated, stacked first and second warp yarns. The first warp yarn in each pair interweaves with the top weft yarns in a plain-weave pattern o ...

Edward R Hahn: Eight harness papermaking fabric. Albany International, Quarles & Brady, March 15, 1983: US04376455 (83 worldwide citation)

A papermaking fabric is woven from synthetic warp and weft threads in an eight harness weave pattern, and is characterized by having long knuckles of at least six crossovers in length in at least one thread system with a minimal number of interlacings of the threads in the fabric. In one embodiment, ...

Richard E Ericson: Respiratory exerciser. Albany International, Kane Dalsimer Kane Sullivan & Kurucz, September 9, 1980: US04221381 (80 worldwide citation)

A respiratory exerciser which includes a hollow tubular body having at least two openings at one end and an opening at the other end. A piston is reciprocally slidable in the tubular body. A mouthpiece assembly is removably connectable to one opening at the one end of the body so that when the patie ...

Nils O Eklund, Lars E C Fagerholm, Lynne R Muscato: Transfer belt in a press nip closed draw transfer. Albany International, Kane Dalsimer Sullivan Kurucz Levy Eisele and Richard, March 29, 1994: US05298124 (79 worldwide citation)

A transfer belt for eliminating an open draw between a press in a papermachine and a transfer point has a supporting base with a particle-filled polymer coating. The coating, which constitutes the paper side of the transfer belt, carries the paper sheet from a press nip in a closed draw to a transfe ...

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