Robert J van Wijk: Fabry-perot with device mirrors including a dielectric coating outside the resonant cavity. Akzo Nobel, Richard P Fennelly, Louis A Morris, January 10, 1995: US05381232 (220 worldwide citation)

In a Fabry-Perot etalon or interferometer the metal mirrors are each provided with a dielectric coating on the side facing away from the enclosed gap. The dielectric coating leads to the advantage of peak transmittance being improved without the finesse being adversely affected. The dielectric coati ...

Cheryl Davey, Lawrence T Malek: Nucleic acid amplification process. Akzo Nobel, Parkhurst Wendel & Burr L, September 10, 1996: US05554517 (142 worldwide citation)

This invention relates to a process for amplifying a specific nucleic acid sequence. The process involves synthesizing single-stranded RNA, single-stranded DNA and double-stranded DNA. The single-stranded RNA is a first template for a first primer, the single-stranded DNA is a second template for a ...

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A mobile paving system (10) is provided that produces paving material while the mobile system (10) proceeds over a surface. The mobile paving system (10) includes an aggregate hopper (12) operable to hold aggregate for use in producing paving material and a mixer (24) operable to mix aggregate with ...

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The invention pertains to a process for the hydroprocessing of a hydrocarbon feedstock wherein said feedstock is contacted at hydroprocessing conditions with a catalyst composition which comprises bulk catalyst particles which comprise at least one Group VIII non-noble metal and at least two Group V ...

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A rigid rod polymer in which at least 50% of the recurring groups correspond to the formula; ##STR1## Included in the invention are processes for preparation of the above rigid rod polymer and using such polymer as well as compositions employing the above rigid rod polymer.

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A low temperature molten ionic liquid composition comprising a mixture of a metal halide and an alkyl-containing amine hydrohalide salt is described which is useful as a catalyst and a solvent in alkylation, arylation and polymerization reactions or as an electrolyte for batteries. The metal halide ...

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Viscoelastic surfactant based aqueous fluid systems are described that are useful in fracturing subterranean formations penetrated by a wellbore. The preferred surfactant compositions contain quaternary ammonium salts wherein the long chain alkyl substituent contains about 3% or less of groups conta ...

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Supported non-oxide metal carbide-containing catalysts are provided which comprise: (a) an oxide support, such as alumina or cordierite; (b) a passivating layer of a ceramic, such as silicon carbide; and (c) a non-oxide metal ceramic catalytic component, such as a Group VI metal carbide or nitride, ...

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A method for controlling the rheology of aqueous systems, particularly for those intended for underground use, includes injecting an aqueous fluid containing a surfactant gelling agent into the system. The surfactant gelling agents are, for example, fatty aliphatic amidoamine oxides, salts of an alk ...

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A method for controlling the rheology of aqueous systems, particularly for those intended for underground use, includes injecting an aqueous viscoelastic fluid containing a surfactant gelling agent into the system. The viscoelastic surfactant composition of the invention comprises, as a gelling agen ...