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There is disclosed hemoglobin modified in that a poly(alkylene oxide) is bonded thereto by a bond between a terminal group of said poly(alkylene oxide) and an amino group of said hemoglobin, said bond having the structure:

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A chemically modified electrode comprising a pyrolytic graphite surface, wherein the basal plane of graphite is exposed on said surface and a redox/adsorption electron mediator is irreversibly absorped directly onto the basal plane of graphite on said surface, is disclosed along with methods of usin ...

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There is disclosed a compound having a double chain which is composed of an RNA (+chain) and a complementary DNA (-chain), wherein a portion of the DNA (-chain) has been replaced by an RNA or a derivative thereof, and wherein, when the compound is subjected to the action of an enzyme having a ribonu ...

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The present invention provides a novel adhesive which contains a mixture of human-fibrinogen and silk-fibroin and which is suitable especially for use in surgery. The mixing ratio of silk-fibroin to human-fibrinogen is 5 to 90, preferably 20 to 70% by weight.

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A transglutaminase catalyzing an acyl transfer reaction of a .gamma.-carboxyamide group of a glutamine residue in a peptide or protein chain in the absence of Ca.sup.2+.

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A bacterium belonging to the genus Escherichia, which is transformed by introducing, into its cells, a DNA coding for a dihydrodipicolinate synthase originating from a bacterium belonging to the genus Escherichia having mutation to desensitize feedback inhibition by L-lysine and a DNA coding for an ...

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A gene coded for a polypeptide which possesses interleukin-2 activity is isolated, and connected with a vector DNA which is capable of replicating in a procaryotic or eucaryotic cell at a position downstream of a promoter gene in the vector obtaining a recombinant DNA, with which the cell is transfo ...

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PURPOSE: A cleanser composition for skin or hair and a cleanser comprising the composition are provided, to improve bubble forming velocity and the amount, expansion and maintenance of bubble, to reduce a remaining feeling in washing and to give a moist feeling to skin or hair after drying. CONSTITU ...

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Epoxy resin compositions which comprise, as essential components, (A) an epoxy resin having two or more epoxy groups in one molecule, (B) a phenolic curing agent, (C) a phenoxy resin containing a bisphenol S skeleton and having a weight average molecular weight of 5,000 to 100,000, and (D) a curing ...

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An amino acid such as threonine, homoserine, isoleucine, lysine, valine and tryptophan is produced using a bacterium belonging to the genus Escherichia which has been constructed from sucorse non-assimilative strain belonging to the genus Escherichia and which harbors sucrose non-PTS (phosphoenol py ...