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A multi-speed automatic transmission improves transmission efficiency by reducing drag loss due to high speed rotation of a freely rotating element of a planetary gear set. An automatic transmission for a vehicle includes: an input path T

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The present invention prevents execution of a detour route search, responsive to and in accordance with received VICS data, where certain conditions are not met. To this end, the system of the invention calculates a time RT1 required for a vehicle to move from its present location to a first point w ...

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In the present invention, advertisements are transmitted electronically at designated locations, as a substitute for stationary billboards. A network navigation center outputs guide access information GAI to a personal computer of an ad sponsor over the Internet and receives registration of advertis ...

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A land vehicle navigation apparatus provides a present location map and various easily understood guidance information items in conformity with the environmental criteria of a route. The navigation apparatus includes information storage for storing map data as to route search, route guidance, and ot ...