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An engine mounting apparatus, particularly suitable for a large aircraft engine, has a front member able to receive and support a front engine portion separated from the rear engine portion which can be loaded on to and supported by a transportable stand. The support framework enables the front engi ...

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An aerosol dispenser comprises a housing (10, 11) within which an aerosol container (15) can be removably located. A dispensing nozzle arrangement (40) is provided through which aerosol contained in the container can be dispensed. A valve means (18) provides communication between an outlet of the ae ...

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This invention relates to packaging apparatus and a method which enables bags of different widths and lengths to be produced so as to enable products of varying sizes to be packaged in those bags.

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A vacuum packaging machine includes a plurality of vacuum chambers (3a, 3b) each arranged to receive at least one unsealed product package and operable to perform an independent vacuum sealing operation, each vacuum chamber having a longitudinal direction defined by a direction of travel of the resp ...

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In one embodiment now described, and according to one aspect of the invention. There is provided a leg rest mechanism 100. The leg rest mechanism is suitable for use with a seat pad 200 of a seat arrangement 300 in a passenger vehicle (not shown). The leg rest mechanism 100 comprises a support membe ...

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An apparatus for packing products includes a product information acquisition stage arranged to acquire information relating to one or more characteristics of products on a product packing line; a bag supply system arranged to supply bags sequentially as individual products on a conveyor approach a p ...

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A tray table arrangement for use by a passenger sitting in an aircraft seat, the tray table arrangement supported by a support structure to allow it to be presented for use by the passenger, and comprising a bi-fold table comprising at least two juxtaposed table top members, a support arm extending ...

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A row of a plurality of adjacent seats supported by a support frame. The seat includes a seat back, a seat pan and a leg rest. The leg rest of each seat includes a leg support surface and is mounted relative to the seat frame in a manner to allow it to move between (a) a stored condition and (b) a f ...

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A passenger vehicle seat comprising, a seat back, a seat pan and a leg ϊest supported by a support frame, the leg rest of each seat moveably mounted relative to the support frame in a manner to allow it to move between (a) a stored position and (b) a fully deployed position where the seat pan and th ...