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Compounds of the formula: wherein: n is 0, 1 or 2; Y is hydroxy or XONH-, where X is hydrogen or lower alkyl; R is hydrogen or lower alkyl; R is hydrogen, lower alkyl, heteroalkyl, aryl, aralkyl, arylheteroalkyl, cycloalkyl, cycloalkylalkyl, heteroaryl, heteroaralkyl, heteroarylheteroalkyl, heterocy ...

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The present invention generally relates to viral RNA polymerases, which are essential to viral reproduction and propagation in a host. Viral RNA polymerases are known to play a role in the replication of the virus once it has infected its host. The present invention relates to mutants of native Hepa ...

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The identification, isolation, purification, and characterization of the catalytic domain of the human hepatocyte growth factor receptor kinase (hHGFR) are described. A crystal structure of the hHGFR kinase domain is reported herein. This structure provides a three-dimensional description of the bin ...

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A compound of formula (I) capable of inhibiting thymidylate synthase, a method for making such and a therapeutic process utilizing the compound of formula (I). b

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Indazole compounds that modulate and/or inhibit the activity of certain protein kinases are described. These compounds and pharmaceutical compositions containing them are capable of mediating tyrosine kinase signal transduction and thereby modulate and/or inhibit unwanted cell proliferation. The inv ...