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Osteosynthesis parts are made of an absorbable polymer composition consisting of a matrix of lactic acid homopolymer, or a copolymer very high in lactic acid units, having discrete reinforcement elements embedded therein. The reinforcement elements are made of glycolic acid homopolymer or copolymers ...

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Invention concerning an electrochemical generator producing current, the electrolyte 2 of which is constituted by a solid solution of an alkali salt M.sup.+ X.sup.- within a plastic, macromolecular material, constituted by homo and/or copolymers essentially with non-cross-linked chains derived from ...

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The measuring head enables the production of measuring signals relating to electrical activity and measuring signals relating to an ionic or physico-chemical activity, notably pH, and is designed to be located on or in parts of a living body, notably on the head of an unborn infant. It comprises an ...

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A biodegradable bone prosthesis or implant is made of a coherent material comprising calcium carbonate in crystalline form. The prosthesis or implant is in the form of a filler or replacement part for bone substance. It can also be in the form of a pin or screw.

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A method for producing optical elements with aspherical surfaces with a pneumatic device for deforming the plates to be formed into optical elements. The plates are deformed by reducing the pressure in a central chamber independently of the reduction of pressure in one or more concentric annular cha ...

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A process for grafting polymers on carbon black through a free radical mechanism comprising contacting of the black with the polymer and a thermal treatment.

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An apparatus for causing a semi-permanent constriction of an intracorporeal duct comprises a synchronous magnetic coupling having driving and driven rotors and in accordance with the invention, a flexible transmission connecting the output shaft of the driven rotor to an intracorporeal valve provide ...

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The invention relates to novel ionic compounds which can be incorporated in polymers whose monomer units include at least one hetroatom, particularly oxygen or nitrogen adapted to form bonds of the donor-acceptor type with the cation of the ionic compound, the solid solutions obtained being utilizab ...

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An asynchronous rotary electric machine comprises a stator in which a field coil or inductor of superconducting material rotates. The field coil is in a cryostat rotating with it and has a purely electromagnetic coupling with an electrically conducting and amagnetic rotary assembly comprising a tran ...

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A percussion apparatus, for example for driving nails or staples, having an auxiliary piston which when released thrusts a main operating piston to an intermediate position. The auxiliary piston transfers a metered quantity of gaseous fuel together with combustion supporting air to a space between t ...