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The surgical scissors or tongs have 2 relatively pivoted arms (2,3) supporting tools at their ends which are coupled to respective poles of an external voltage source, the pivoted arms and their tools electrically insulated from one another. The voltage source is coupled to a 2-wire cable (10), asso ...

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A surgical cutting instrument that incorporates electrodes capable of coagulating or cauterizing a severed blood vessel at the same time that it is cut.

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To make possible the effective immobilization of pieces of bone with an osteosynthesis plate, the proposal is made that the longitudinal edges of the osteosynthesis plate diverge in the manner of a trapezoid, that the osteosynthesis plate be provided with two adjacent rows of slots for its screws, a ...

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1. Attachment element to anchor on a bone an osteo-synthesis-plate which has bores, characterized in that it has a peg (1) with a broadened head (3) and a through-going, longitudinal bore (6) which widens at its end facing away from the head (3) and a tensioning pin (2) which comprises a first shank ...

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This disclosure relates to a clip for surgical purposes comprising a coil spring having at least one loop and a pair of crossing legs. The ends of the legs which extend beyond the crossing point are formed as clamping jaws. Because the portions of the legs adjoining the loop extend generally paralle ...

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A forceps or similar tool having two arms pivotably connected to each other by a box lock comprising a male lock member on one arm and a female lock member on the other arm, forming a longitudinal slot, the male lock member extending through the slot and having a transverse bearing bore or coaxial b ...

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An applicator for C-shaped scalp clips, with which a plurality of scalp clips can be applied one after the other without having to insert an individual scalp clip into the applicator after each application. For this purpose, a magazine for receiving a plurality of scalp clips is provided and the sca ...

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A magazine for receiving C-shaped scalp clips having legs connected by a bridge and with facing clamping jaws at their free ends. In order to improve positioning of the scalp clips during displacement along the magazine, the scalp clips are arranged one behind the other in the magazine such that the ...

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Surgical forceps or a similar instrument to be employed in HF surgery for coagulating tissue by means of HF currents in which at least the terminal parts of the jaws of the instrument which are adapted to clamp the tissue are designed so as to prevent them from overheating the tissue when an HF curr ...

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In an applicator for C-shaped scalp clips with applying instruments in the form of a movable edge and a stationary edge and with a retaining element for the scalp clips, the moved edge can be brought closer still to the stationary edge while the retaining element is fixed in its open position. When ...