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The surgical scissors or tongs have 2 relatively pivoted arms (2,3) supporting tools at their ends which are coupled to respective poles of an external voltage source, the pivoted arms and their tools electrically insulated from one another. The voltage source is coupled to a 2-wire cable (10), asso ...

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A surgical cutting instrument that incorporates electrodes capable of coagulating or cauterizing a severed blood vessel at the same time that it is cut.

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A bipolar surgical grasping instrument with two grasping arms that are electrically insulated from one another. The two arms are pivotally mounted at the end of a tubular shank, and are coaxially pivotable in opposite directions by toggle lever elements that are activated by a push-and-pull rod disp ...

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In order, in the case of a surgical instrument for introducing intervertebral implants into the intervertebral space between adjacent vertebral bodies, to facilitate the introduction of the intervertebral implant even when access is difficult, it is proposed that the surgical instrument comprises tw ...

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A surgical instrument including a shank, at least one tool mounted for swivel movement at the end of the shank, a swivel element mounted for swivel movement about an axis of rotation for swivelling the tool between an open position and a closed position, and an actuating member actuatable from an en ...

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In order to reduce the risk that a bone screw, in particular one made of resorbing plastic material, with an externally threaded shaft will be destroyed by high screw-in torques, it is proposed that an insertion channel open at the top, arranged concentrically with the shaft and extending along most ...

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An osteosynthesis system for vertebral arthrodesis, having at least one vertebral compression or distraction bar capable of extending over a portion at least of the rachis; at least one vertebral anchoring member having an end head with a spherical surface, an intermediate shank and a vertebral anch ...

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In a surgical retractor having a frame on which at least two retractor elements are mounted, if desired, so as to be displaceable, to enable individual adjustment of the forces exerted by the retractor elements on the surrounding tissue, it is proposed that the frame have at least one support foot w ...

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In order to produce a bone screw having a screw body which is provided with an external thread and which comprises a flow-through mechanism for bone cement that is used for the production of a cement jacket around the bone screw, such that the bone screw will be anchored in a highly stable manner af ...

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In a surgical applicator for U-shaped clips comprising a handle, a tubular shaft adjoining the handle, a forceps-type applicator tool at the free end of the tubular shaft and a clip magazine in the tubular shaft, a closing mechanism arranged in the tubular shaft for the applicator tool, the closing ...