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The invention pertains to protective helmet that has an inflatable liner that is constructed with a multiplicity of cells each separated by constrictions of a narrower cross-section. The liner has a central ring and a plurality of loops extending therefrom adapted to protect various portions of the ...

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A composition for removing stains from dental surfaces comprising a stain removing effective amount of at least two active components selected from a peroxide compound, a polyphosphate, and an anionic surfactant, in combination with an orally acceptable carrier. The present invention is further dire ...

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A gum packaging design that utilizes two separate compartments, an upper compartment and a lower compartment. Each of the compartments may be formed from a separate paperboard blank. The blanks are folded to form the compartments and then the lower compartment is adhered to the upper compartment in ...

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A protective helmet incorporates an inflatable liner that has front, crown, rear, left and right side portions. To ensure uniform inflation, the inflatable liner is comprised of a plurality of inflatable cells interconnected by a series of air passageways. The liner has a front portion that extends ...

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A composition in the form of a chewing gum composition or a confectionery composition containing stain removing agent selected from anionic and non-ionic surfactants and methods of preparing and using the same to remove stains from dental material including teeth.

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A three-phase center-filled gum or bubble gum candy lollipop product. An extruded gum or bubble gum material has a semi-liquid center-fill material added to it in a batch forming mechanism simultaneously with the formation of an exterior candy shell. The three-phase rope of material is formed into l ...

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A package assembly includes individual elongate consumable products. The package assembly includes a plurality of products arranged in a side-by-side array. The package housing supports the array of products. The package housing includes a back wall and a foldable front wall. The front wall includes ...

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The present invention provides a helmet with self-adjusting padding designed to adjust to various head sizes of individual wearers of the helmet. The protective helmet comprises a helmet shell having a interior surface, a first helmet pad, a second helmet pad, and at least one expandable band. Each ...

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The present invention relates to oral compositions and beverage products, which include taste potentiators to enhance the perception of active substances contained therein. More specifically, some embodiments provide potentiator compositions, which include at least one active substance, such as a sw ...

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The present invention pertains to a method for providing dental hygiene which method employs a low moisture chewing gum or confectionery product containing as active ingredients, a combination of sodium bicarbonate and casein phosphopeptide-amorphous calcium phosphate. The invention also concerns th ...