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A novel polyurea composition comprising the reaction product of an organic isocyanate and an organic amine, each having at least two functional groups is disclosed. Golf balls employing covers formed of the polyurea composition also are disclosed.

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The present invention is directed towards a multi-layer golf ball which comprises a core with one or more layers; at least one cover layer; and one or more mantle layers disposed between the core and cover layer, wherein the mantle layer comprises dynamically vulcanized thermoplastic elastomer, func ...

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The present invention is directed towards a multilayer golf ball which comprises a core, an inner cover layer and an outer cover layer, wherein the outer cover layer comprises a thermoset material formed from a castable, reactive liquid, said outer layer having a thickness of less than 0.05 inches a ...

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A golf ball having a diameter and comprising a fluid mass at the center of the ball, a first, solid, non-wound layer surrounding the fluid mass comprised of a non-elastic polymer material selected from the group of thermoplastic material, metal, and plastic, and having an inner diameter in the range ...

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This invention relates to methods of using cationic ionomers in golf ball cover compositions. Further, this invention relates to golf balls which have covers and cores and which incorporate urethane ionomers. The polyurethane golf ball cover has improved resiliency and initial velocity through the a ...

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A polyurethane golf ball is disclosed. The golf ball comprises a core and a cover at least one of which is a polyether urethane prepolymer with a curing agent selected from the group consisting of trifunctional polyols, tetrafunctional polyols and amine-type curing agents having at least two reactiv ...

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A golf ball cover is produced from a composition comprising an isocyanate-functional prepolymer and a curing agent of a polyamine or glycol, and an organic compound having at least one epoxy group such as the diglycidyl ether of bisphenol A.

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A method of forming a golf ball by forming a core center, forming a laminate of core material, forming the laminate around the core center to form a core and forming a cover around the core. The laminate preferably consists of at least three layers of different polybutadiene rubbers.

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A method of forming a golf ball by forming a core, forming a first layer around the core using a fixed-pin molding process, and forming a second layer around the first layer.

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A polyurethane covered golf ball is made by allowing the polyurethane cover stock material to partially cure in an open mold and subsequently molding a golf ball product. The molding is done by first molding a smooth-surfaced golf ball product in a smooth-walled fixed-pin mold and then, in a second ...