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1. Storage device for nuclear fuel rods, comprising racks (2) resting on a group of supports (3) constituted by a stack of plates (7, 8, 9) separated from one another by pairs (10) of rollers (12), characterised in that at least two plate-type supports are equipped with a voluntary displacement mech ...

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Device for regulating the voltage of an electric energy source constituted of a group of solar cells gathered into modules. Each module have one terminal connected to a common conductor and an other terminal connected through a diode to a distribution conductor. The device comprises electronic inter ...

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Dans un procédé de traitement de matières organiques comprenant une phase de préparation dans laquelle des matières organiques à digérer sont mélangées avec un inoculant approprié et introduit dans un digesteur anaérobie (6), les matières organiques sont mélangées à l'inoculant dans un mélangeur (3) ...

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Floor cleaning machine comprising a frame (1, 11) with wheels (2) which can be manoeuvred by means of an arm (8), rotating brushes (23), and a hose (25) for sucking dirty liquid connected by means of a hose (28) to a separator (14), followed by an air-sucking turbine (28). The invention is character ...

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Motor and compressor combination characterised in that it essentially comprises an electric motor (5) of the variable frequency- controlled asynchronous type and at least one centrifugal compressor wheel (17, 19) mounted overhanging on the shaft (11) of the said motor (5).

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A method of operating a combined cycle electric power plant at a measuring and regulating station of a gas transmission line is disclosed where gas at high pressure is being delivered from the transmission line to a lower pressure line, such as a gas distribution system, comprising the steps of supp ...

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A squirrel cage type rotor for a high speed electric motor comprises longitudinally extending bars which are in electrical contact with, but not affixed to, conductive end rings of the rotor. The bars are electrically conductive and are each affixed to the armature core at a single point located int ...

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A strain simulator for flight controls comprising a frame, at least one flight control mounted on the frame, a resilient device simulating the reaction of a rudder or an aileron of an aircraft, and at least one linkage element interconnecting the flight control to the resilient device. The resilient ...

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The present invention relates to a redundant process control system including at least one control unit (PLC

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The circuit breaker described in the illustrative embodiment comprises a plunger 21 sliding inside an insulating box 20 and along a central shaft 22. The plunger 21 consists of an energising winding 25 and a magnetic yoke 26 which in cooperation with an armature 28 fix the plunger 21 solidly to the ...