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A stapler for the anastomosis of blood vessels includes a vessel gripping structure, and an outwardly directed anvil head structure, and a stapler head structure adjustably positioned opposite each other. A first vessel is everted to form a cuff over one head structure, and the cuff is inserted into ...

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A passive girdle is wrapped around a heart muscle which has dilatation of a ventricle to conform to the size and shape of the heart and to constrain the dilatation during diastole. The girdle is formed of a material and structure that does not expand away from the heart but may, over an extended per ...

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An artificial implantable heart assist system with an artificial myocardium employs a number of flexible, non-distensible tubes with the walls along their long axes connected in series to form a cuff. The tubes are sealed for purposes of inflation and deflation with either hydraulic fluid or pneumat ...

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An intra-arterial cardiac support system including multiple balloons for placement in the descending aorta with one balloon serving as a pumping balloon and one or more balloons serving as valve balloons, at least one of the valve balloons being positioned distal to the natural heart. The balloons a ...

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A magnetically operated blood pump includes a rotor with an impeller that rotates within a housing, and the housing fastens to a driver that preferably electromagnetically controls the speed and disposition of the impeller in response to sensed conditions. The impeller and housing constitute a dispo ...

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A balloon assembly has an intrinsic curvature adapted to a passage in a blood vessel, and is straightened by a removable stiff member extending within the catheter to facilitate insertion along the passage. When the balloon is at a curved portion of the passage, the stiff member is retracted, allowi ...

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A prosthetic heart valve comprises a suture ring supporting a stent which surrounds a conduit bearing a plurality of flexible valve leaflets. The conduit extends beyond the end of the suture ring.

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An intra aortic balloon pumping device comprises a pumping balloon, an attached inflation catheter, a supporting member which is disposed within and extends from the catheter into the balloon. The balloon membrane of the invention resists the formation of membrane folds in the tail section of the ba ...

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A laser welding apparatus and system for surgically bonding tissue together provides a beam of coherent light at a wavelength corresponding to a specific tissue thickness at which full absorption of the laser energy occurs, and adjusts the energy of the laser beam in response to tissue temperature t ...

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Methods and apparatus for providing a sufficiently stable power to a load in an energy transfer system that transfers energy from one side of a physical boundary to another side of the boundary. In one example, a power supply and a primary winding are located on a first side of a physical boundary ( ...