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A retroviral protease inhibiting compound of the formula A - X - B or a pharmaceutically acceptable salt, prodrug or ester thereof, wherein X is a linking group; A is (1) substituted amino, (2) substituted carbonyl, (3) functionalized imino, (4) functionalized alkyl, (5) functionalized acyl, (6) fun ...

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The present invention involves methods of improving LCR and PCR amplification schemes by modifying at least one probe/primer end so that the probability of the probe/primer contributing to spurious signal development is greatly reduced. Only after specific hybridization of the modified probe/primer ...


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A retroviral protease inhibiting compound of the formula: or a pharmaceutically acceptable salt, prodrug or ester thereof.

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The invention relates to the renin inhibiting compounds of the formula: wherein R10 is A is hydrogen or an N-protecting group; w is 0 or 1; B is hydrogen, hydroxy, NH, N-alkyl, loweralkyl or arylalkyl; with the proviso that when w is 1, B is NH and when w is 0, B is hydrogen, hydroxy, loweralkyl or ...

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An assay device, method and kit for detecting or quantitating an analyte in a test sample containing or suspected of containing an analyte of interest. The analytical device comprises a chromatographic material containing a capture reagent, immobilized in a capture situs, and an application pad whic ...

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A system for printing and dispensing chemical reagents in precisely controlled volumes onto a medium at a precisely controlled location. A jetting tube (432), comprising an orifice (433) at one end and a fluid receiving aperture (431) at the other end, is concentrically mounted within a cylindrical ...

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A retroviral protease inhibiting compound of the formula A -X- B is disclosed. Also disclosed are a composition and method for inhibiting a retroviral protease and for treating an HIV infection. Also disclosed are processes and intermediates useful for the preparation of the retroviral protease inhi ...

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A renin inhibiting compound of the formula: wherein A is a substituent; W is C=O or CHOH; U is CH2 or NR2, provided that when W is CHOH then U is CH2; R1 is loweralkyl, cycloalkylmethyl, benzyl, 4-methoxybenzyl, halobenzyl, (1-naphthyl)methyl, (2-naphthyl)methyl, (4-imidazoyl)methyl, alpha , alpha - ...

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Fiber-optic sensors suitable for monitoring physiological analyte concentration. An analyte-permeable matrix is disposed in the light path defined by the axial core at one end of an optical fiber segment. The matrix contains an indicator molecule covalently linked to a polymer, preferably methyl met ...