Stockmayer Michael, Neudorfer Harald: Transverse flux machine. Abb Daimler Benz Transp, September 15, 1999: EP0942517-A2 (14 worldwide citation)

The machine has at least one stator and at least one rotor with permanent magnets mounted on the circumference of the rotor on weakly magnet, mutually isolated short circuit rings and weakly magnetic parts mounted on the circumference of the stator in the form of U-yokes (1) with interposed J-yokes. ...

Neudorfer Harald Dipl Ing: Electric motor wheel hub drive for a vehicle wheel. Abb Daimler Benz Transp, September 23, 1998: EP0865978-A1 (11 worldwide citation)

The hub drive includes an outer rotor motor, in which the rotor casing is connected with the vehicle wheel and the stator sits on a stationary axis which is unilaterally mounted at the vehicle frame or similar. The one-sided suspension is achieved by a carrying shield (6) connected with the axis (14 ...

Steiner Michael, Reinhold Harry Dr: Traction system for rail vehicle and control method therefor. Abb Daimler Benz Transp, January 28, 1998: EP0820893-A2 (7 worldwide citation)

The drive system has a number of partial current regulators (40.1,..40.n) using switching semiconductors. The semiconductors are connected in series with a choke coil (38) between a current take-off (36) cooperating with an overhead supply line and wheel/rail system (37). Each of the partial current ...

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The rail vehicle has a body (2) which is bordered by a module which is made from self-supporting components. The floor (21), roof (22) and side faces (23,24) of the middle part (2M) of the rail vehicle body (2) are bordered by the module (3) which has a D-shaped cross-section. The boundary walls of ...

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Railway vehicle, having at least two wagon bodies (11, 12), a bogie which bears both wagon bodies (11, 12) being arranged on or near to the connection point of the said wagon bodies (11, 12). In addition, an intermediate element (16) is arranged between the wagon bodies (11, 12) and one wagon body ( ...

Neudorfer Harald Ing, Gukenbiehl Karl Ludwig Dipl In: Device for pumping gearbox oil for cooling an electric machine. Abb Daimler Benz Transp, July 23, 1997: EP0785612-A1 (5 worldwide citation)

The device is installed in an annular groove (7) in one side of the larger wheel (5) in the gearbox. The lowest point of the groove lies below the level of lubricant in the sump (8). A sloping finger (9) projecting into the groove at its highest point collects oil in a trap (14) from which it is cha ...

Affeldt Marek Dipl Ing, Brinkmann Andreas Dipl Ing, Pieper Reinhard: Vehicle wheel, especially for a low floor vehicle. Abb Daimler Benz Transp, September 22, 1999: EP0943519-A2 (5 worldwide citation)

On the outside face surface of the wheel nave is a device for connection of component parts, such as e.g. a gear part or a brake disk, for transmission of a torque between the wheel nave and the connected component parts. The device for selectively connection of component parts is insertable and on ...

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Running gear for a rail vehicle in which components such as brake equipment or traction system, which are installed in the running gear are combined to form a mechanically enclosed assembly (6).

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In a low floor railway vehicle with a stepless central passage in which adjacent coach bodies are connected to one another at one point so as to be spatially movable, a pair of wheels or wheel set being assigned to each end of a coach body and the pairs of wheels being connected to the pairs of whee ...

Deist Lothar Dipl Ing, Frank Helge Dipl Ing: Power accumulator. Abb Daimler Benz Transp, December 2, 1998: EP0881134-A2 (4 worldwide citation)

The energy accumulator has a cylinder and two independently biased pistons with the first operating a brake or clutch and the second for exerting remote controlled a force on the brake. The second piston (14) has a holding mechanism (15) which when the second piston is biased to the first allows the ...