Schukey Jurgen: Rotating piston machine.. Schukey Juergen, May 24, 1989: EP0316346-A1 (1 worldwide citation)

A rotating piston machine has a housing (2) in which is mounted a shaft (5). In an annular space (1) are arranged rotating bodies which sealingly engage the walls of the annular space (1). Each rotating body (3, 4) has four outwardly extending sectorial wings (3a-3d, 4a-4d). Both rotating bodies (3, ...

Schukey Juergen: Rotary piston machine. Schukey Juergen, September 29, 1999: EP0945592-A1

The machine has a housing (2) with two rotation body (3, 4) in a ring chamber. Control segments (7) are positioned between the outer edge of the rotation bodies and the housing wall, which engage sealing on the bodies, and are adjustable in circumferential direction. The segments cover the intakes a ...

Stewart Anthony, Schukey Juergen: Retroviseur, Rear view mirror. Stewart Anthony, Stewart Anthony, Schukey Juergen, FETHERSTONHAUGH & CO, August 11, 1992: CA1306128

Abstract The present invention provides a rear viewmirror for a motor vehicle which is automatically adjust-able to prevent the effects of dazzle eg. by a vehicleapproaching from behind at night. The mirror comprisesan adjustable mirror surface (2) housed in a casing (3)and connected in an adjustabl ...


Schukey Jurgen: Thermodynamic cycle.. Schukey Juergen, April 5, 1989: EP0309467-A1

A thermodynamic cycle with a gaseous working medium which is alternately compressed and expanded, in which a working medium is used that at the higher temperature following compression experiences an increase in volume as a result of chemical processes and at the lower temperature following expansio ...