Thorpe Jevon Thurston: Vehicle control and warning system.. London Taxis Internat, January 7, 2004: GB2390438-A (11 worldwide citation)

The control system 100 determines the location of a vehicle and restrictions associated with the vehicles location. The vehicle is controlled in accordance with said restrictions. Such restrictions could be speed whereby the vehicles speed could be controlled or emissions whereby an EMU could be use ...

Thorpe Jevon Thurston: Vehicle power storage unit exchange. London Taxis Internat, July 7, 2004: GB2396851-A (4 worldwide citation)

A vehicle 102 has a power storage unit, which may be a battery 101a or a hydrogen gas container, removed by a removal means from below the vehicle (Fig. 2) and carried by a conveyor 104a to a storage unit 108 where it is recharged or refilled. A second conveyor 104b delivers a recharged/refilled pow ...

Thorpe Jevon: Controlling the operation of a vehicle in accordance with the users location. London Taxis Internat, May 19, 2004: GB2395331-A (1 worldwide citation)

A control system for a vehicle 102, especially a delivery vehicle, which detects the location of a user of the vehicle and controls the operation of the vehicle in accordance with the user's location. The control system comprises a tag 104a, 104b which may be carried by a user of the vehicle, e.g. a ...

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