Improvements in or relating to friction clutches. Henry Bauchet, October 11, 1928: GB280572-A (1 worldwide citation)

280,572. Bauchet, H. Nov. 13, 1926, [Convention date]. Clutches, friction.-A friction clutch, particularly applicable as one of a pair replacing differential gearing in endless-track and other tractors, comprises a plate 4 splined to a driving-shaft 1 and friction discs 5 secured to a divided casing ...



Improvements in ground-gripping devices for the wheels of tractors. Henry Bauchet, April 8, 1920: GB140968-A

140,968. Bauchet, H. Sept. 4. 1919. Tyres, non-elastic.-The wheels of tractors are provided with strakes 1 which have bent-over lugs 1, 1 adapted to embrace the edges of the tyre 2, and are held in an oblique position bv hook bolts 3 which engage adjacent spokes 4 and are retained by rods 5 and spri ...

Improvements in or relating to suspension devices for endless track vehicles. Henry Bauchet, February 2, 1928: GB280571-A

280,571. Bauchet, H. Nov. 13, 1926, [Convention date]. Endless-track vehicles. -- An endless-track vehicle has each track frame 4 connected to the chassis frame 3 by means of two laminated springs 1, 2, the spring 1 being fixed at 1 to the track frame and having its free end 1 sliding in a housing 5 ...

Improvements in or relating to braking devices for vehicles, for use as steering brakes particularly for endless track and other motor vehicles. Henry Bauchet, May 30, 1929: GB312527-A

312,527. Bauchet, H. July 5, 1928. Differential braking for steering.-The steering-brakes 13, 13 of endless-track and other motor vehicles are enclosed in separate fluidtight casings 20 independent of the ordinary gearbox 5 and are cooled by the engine fuel which is thus supplied to the engine in a ...