Improvements in or relating to mechanically operating sifting or screening apparatus. Hambrook Russell Jones, Ace Machinery, December 9, 1940: GB530255-A

530,255. Sifting-apparatus. JONES, H. R., and A. C. E. MACHINERY, Ltd. June 2, 1939, No. 16296. [Class 117]. Vibrating screens are supported by rubber blocks fitted into sockets provided for them either on the screen or rigid base and having openings through which pass rods secured to the other memb ...

Improvements in or relating to safety gear for lifts or hoists. Hambrook Russell Jones, May 21, 1936: GB447607-A

447,607. Catch-gear for mine cages. JONES, H. R., 24, Porden Road, Brixton, London. Sept. 21, 1934, No. 27205. [Class 78 (iii)] In catch - gear for lifts, hoists, and the like, of the kind in which the breaking of the suspension rope causes a member to move relatively to the cage or platform and thu ...

Improvements in or relating to control means for hoists and the like. Hambrook Russell Jones, Ace Machinery, September 11, 1940: GB526094-A

526,094. Lifts ; winding apparatus ; rope railways ; railway signals. JONES, H. R., and A.C.E. MACHINERY, Ltd. Feb. 6, 1939, No. 287/38. [Classes 78 (iii), 78 (v), 104 (ii) and 105] Relates to control means for hoists such as lift cages or haulage trucks of the kind in which control movements are tr ...

Improvements in or relating to power operated winches. Ace Machinery, Hambrook Russell Jones, June 9, 1941: GB537100-A

537,100. Winches. A.C.E. MACHINERY Ltd., and JONES, H. R. March 21, 1940, No. 5292. [Class 78 (v)] A winch drum a mounted on eccentric bearings d is capable of being swung from contact with brake blocks c to powered friction driving rollers h and vice versa. Both brake blocks c and rollers h bear on ...

Improvements in or relating to electromagnets. Hambrook Russell Jones, Charles Edward Wood, William Edward Lawton, September 7, 1922: GB185280-A

185,280. Jones, H. B., Wood, C. E., and Lawton, W. E. July 11, 1921. Electromagnets.-The magnetic and non-magnetic parts of electromagnets are interfused during casting or with added metal by heat treatment by means of the oxy-acetylene or electric-arc processes. Fig. 1 shows the poles B and the non ...

Improvements in and relating to screening apparatus. Hambrook Russell Jones, Charles William Greenwood Bart, April 21, 1932: GB371274-A

371,274. Sifting-apparatus. JONES, H. R., of A. C. E. Machinery, Ltd., Pordon Road, Brixton, and BARTON, C. W. G., 139, Upper Kennington Lane, both in London. Sept. 24, 1931, No. 26610. [Class 117.] In vibrating screening apparatus, the clutch for controlling the drive of the screen and a door for r ...

Improvements in the construction of mixing machines of the type employing rotating arms, paddles, or rakes. Hambrook Russell Jones, Ethel Dorothy Jones, March 19, 1926: GB249218-A

249,218. Jones, H. R., and Jones, E. D. Dec. 19, 1924. Stationary mixers with rotary stirrers.-A concrete &c. mixer comprises a hemi-cylindrical container fitted with a horizontal shaft B on which are mounted, in helical fashion, beaters A, Fig. 1, formed as leaf springs. In the form shown in Fig. 3 ...

Improvements in electro-magnetic separators. Hambrook Russell Jones, Charles Edward Wood, September 3, 1923: GB203374-A

203,374. Jones, H. R., and Wood, C. E. June 1, 1922. Drawings to Specification. Magnetic separators.-In an electromagnetic separator, the magnet core on which the coils are wound is made of iron or steel of high magnetic retentivity in order that the magnet may retain its load in the event of failur ...



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