Improvements in or relating to bottle closures. Edmund Moster, January 11, 1938: GB478064-A (1 worldwide citation)

478,064. Closures for bottles. MOSTER, E. July 11, 1936, No. 19298. [A Specification was laid open to inspection under Sect. 91 of the Acts, Jan. 13, 1937.] [Class 125 (iii)] A bottle closure which can be inserted into a bottle neck and form a tight closure therein, has a cork &c. gasket 12 surround ...

Improvements in or relating to paper-board heels for shoes and boots. Edmund Moster, Rudolf Kukula, November 13, 1936: GB456715-A

456,715. Laminated paper boards. MOSTER, E., 30, Cottagegasse, and KUKULA, R., 10, Dapontegasse, both in Vienna. June 13, 1936, No. 16554. [Class 96] A shoe heel is made from layers of highly porous paper board of density, at 10 per cent moisture content, 0À42-0À50 gms. per c.c., made from mechanica ...