Improvements relating to gauges for use in making up print and for like purposes. Demetrius Comino, March 21, 1938: GB481901-A (2 worldwide citation)

481,901. Linear - dimension gauges. COMINO, D. Sept. 21, 1936, No. 25616. [Class 106 (ii)] [Also in Group XVI] A gauge for checking alignment, squareness, register &c. in connection with the make-up and arrangement of printer's formes and printed matter, applicable also for checking the squareness o ...

Demetrius Comino, November 6, 1947: GB594274-A (1 worldwide citation)

594,274. Clamps for joining structural frame members. COMINO, D. June 28, 1945, No. 16477. [Class 20(ii)] Frame members, e.g., tubes 8, 9, Fig. 3, are joined by clamping members each of which comprises a split body-part 1 having two flat square jaws 3, 4 the gap 2 between which is in line with the s ...

Improvements relating to duplicate and like tear-out books. Demetrius Comino, January 20, 1936: GB441401-A (1 worldwide citation)

441,401. Books. COMINO, D., 4, Market Place, Oxford Circus, London. July 20, 1934, No. 21296. [Class 16] In a book or pad of the kind from which a certain proportion of the leaves, generally alternate leaves, can be torn out, these leaves are detachably held by adhesive at a restricted part or parts ...

Improvements relating to proof printing presses. Demetrius Comino, Charles Frankland Moore, June 4, 1940: GB521896-A

521,896. Printing-machines. COMINO, D., and MOORE, C. F. Nov. 36, 1938, No. 34487. [Class 100 (ii)] In a proof-printing press the type is supported in a tray of sheet steel formed of sides m1 Fig. 1, which act as bearers, and a bottom m or a false bottom m3, and the tray is slidden between metal gui ...

Improvements in constructional elements consisting of metal bars of angle section. Demetrius Comino, March 29, 1949: GB620696-A

620,696. Constructional metal work. COMINO, D. June 28, 1946, No. 19395. [Class 20(ii)] [Also in Group XV] In a constructional element consisting of a metal bar 1 of L-section, with two parallel lines, spaced by a distance a, of equally spaced elongated holes 5, 6 in one flange 3 having a pitch c an ...

Improvements relating to metal shelving and the like. Demetrius Comino, November 4, 1948: GB611896-A

611,896. Shelves. COMINO, D. May 13, 1946, No. 14415. [Class 52(i)] Metal shelf units 1 have their longitudinal edges bent rectangularly downwards and inwards 2, 3, and their ends 4 are provided with holes 5 for the attachment bolts. Similar units can be used for the sides and top of a shelf structu ...