Improvements in or relating to locks for motor-car doors and the like. Charles Torres Weymann, Weymann S Motor Body, May 13, 1925: GB233770-A (3 worldwide citation)

233,770. Weymann, C. T., and Weymann's Motor Body, Ltd. Feb. 13, 1924. Latches, sliding; striking-plates and staples for locks and latches; stud and socket fastenings.- In a motor-car door fastening of the type in which a taper-ended bolt 13 on a bracket 12 on the door post 11 is secured in a socket ...

Improvements in or relating to guards, particularly for the doors of motor vehicles. Charles Torres Weymann, July 17, 1924: GB212869-A

212,869. Weymann, C. T. March 14, 1923, [Convention date]. Doors for passenger vehicles. - A guard or packing for door and) frame &c. of a motor vehicle consists of resilient strip a surrounded by webbing and secured to the frame &c. by the edges c of the webbing with or without a securing plate.

Improved apparatus for operating vertically sliding windows and the like. Charles Torres Weymann, July 17, 1924: GB215301-A

215,301. Weymann, C. T. May 4, 1923, [Convention date]. Levers and rods, locking.-In pulley and cord operated windows means are provided to lock the window when the operating handle 13 is released. The pulley is frictionally mounted on a cone 10, spring-pressed into engagement with the fixed conical ...

Improvements in or relating to liquid elevators. Charles Torres Weymann, June 29, 1922: GB174927-A

174,927. Weymann, C. T. Feb. 2, 1921, [Convention date]. Vacuum apparatus.-Apparatus for raising liquid such as fuel for internal-combustion engines, comprises a vessel a connected by a pipe d to the liquid supply, by pipes l, j to a source of suction, and by a valve f to the atmosphere. As the liqu ...

Improved manufacture of vehicle bodies. Charles Torres Weymann, January 4, 1923: GB174933-A

174,933. Weymann, C. T. Feb. 2, 1921, [Convention date]. Bodies.-In a vehicle body with a framework comprising parallel vertical frames, these frames rest directly on the longitudinal members b of the chassis and are connected by floor and body panelling e, f which permits relative displacement unde ...

Improvements in spray carburettors. Charles Torres Weymann, May 30, 1923: GB174934-A

174,934. Weymann, C. T. Feb. 4, 1921, [Convention date]. Spray carburettors are supplied with fuel under sufficient pressure to render variations in the partial vacuum in an engine induction pipe negligible, the flow from the jet being controlled automatically according to the rate of flow of air in ...

No title available. Charles Torres Weymann, April 28, 1927: GB246851-A

246,851. Weymann, C. T. Jan. 28, 1925, [Convention date]. Hinges.-A hinge for doors, gates, and other swinging members has a conical hinge pin 5 engaging a conical socket member 13, and the parts are secured together by an axial bolt 16, on the lower part of which is the spring 8 located in a recess ...

Improvements in and relating to electrical tele-indicators. Charles Torres Weymann, October 15, 1931: GB358964-A

358,964. Electric signalling systems. WEYMANN, C. T., 18, Rue Troyon, Paris. April 11, 1930, No. 11609. Convention date, April 13, 1929. Void [Published under Sect. 91 of the Acts]. [Class 40 (i).] An electric indicating device adapted, for example, for indicating successive positions of a float 1, ...

Improvements in or relating to liquid-level indicators. Charles Torres Weymann, October 11, 1923: GB195078-A

195,078. Weymann, C. T. March 17, 1922, [Convention date]. Indicators actuated by pressure of head of liquid.-A liquid-level indicator of the kind in which a pressure gauge measures the pressure necessary to force air through a tube immersed in the liquid is provided with a piston or flexible diaphr ...

Improvements in means for aligning and locking vehicle doors. Charles Torres Weymann, March 6, 1924: GB204307-A

204,307. Weymann, C. T. Sept. 21, 1922. [Convention date]. Catches, automatic; stud- and-socket fastenings; multiple - bolt fastenings.- Locking means of the type comprising a nosed bolt adapted to engage a socket and be secured therein by a spring-controlled transverse pin is applied to motor vehic ...