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A support system for rack elements has a support element and a hanging element. The support element has an upwardly projecting suspension rail and the hanging element is provided with a slot, by which the hanging element can be plugged onto the suspension rail. The support system is distinguished in ...

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An electrostatical powder coating method starts out from a metallic surface provided with an oil film as a protection against corrosion during storing and transportation. Resin powder is applied to the surface without prior removal of the oil film. The powder layer is melted in a furnace and subsequ ...

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1. Shelving carrier of sheet steel with angular cross-section for hooking to wall rails or columns, consisting of a flat carrier arm part fitted with hooks and a flange of strip form angled off at right angles, with securing holes for the securing of a shelf or the like resting on the flange, charac ...

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Objet de tôle comportant des volets repliés le long de lignes de pliage.

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1. Dismantleable shelf stand of angular form, consisting of a column (1) of square tube with apertures (23) for the hooking-in especially of brackets (4) and of a lengthy foot part (2) resting on the floor and extending at right angles to the column (1), while on one end of the foot part (2) there a ...


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The invention relates to a shelf base carrier which can be suspended or inserted into a vertical wall rail, comprising a lower holding section equipped with a bearing surface for the shelf base which extends from a wall in a horizontal manner on said upper edge, and a clamping element for clamping t ...

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Objet de tôle comportant des volets repliés le long de lignes de pliage.