Improvements in or relating to radiators for vehicles and aircraft. Alexandre Lamblin, March 18, 1926: GB228110-A (4 worldwide citation)

228,110. Lamblin, A. Jan. 24, 1924, [Convention date]. Cooling motors &c., air blast for; radiators, arrangement of. - A motor-vehicle radiator is constructed of one or more hollow plate elements, having gilled apertures, the elements being set vertically side by side or one behind the other and con ...

Improvements in or relating to diaphragm pumps. Alexandre Lamblin, October 3, 1927: GB255427-A (3 worldwide citation)

255,427. Lamblin, A. July 15, 1925, [Convention date]. Addition to 241,533. Cam-actuated pumps; casings for actuating mechanism; diaphragm pumps.-In a pump of the kind described in the parent Specification, holes 100. 100 are provided in the gear case for the introduction of lubricant.

Improvements in or relating to cooling radiators. Alexandre Lamblin, September 24, 1925: GB228111-A (3 worldwide citation)

228,111. Lamblin, A. Jan. 25, 1924, [Convention date]. Plate apparatus.-Relates to means for joining the two thin metal sides of a cooling element in a radiator along substantially parallel lines to subdivide the flow of water into narrow streams. As shown in Figs. 4 and 5, the thin sheets 5, 6 are ...



No title available. Alexandre Lamblin, June 18, 1931: GB350817-A (1 worldwide citation)

350,817. Fuel &c. pumps. LAMBLIN, A., 33, Rue des Dames, Paris. Aug. 25, 1930, No. 25335. Convention date, Aug. 28, 1929. [Class 102 (i).] In a fuel &c. pump the diaphragm or piston 6 has no operating spindle and is acted on on opposite faces by two springs, the weaker spring 91 ejecting the suction ...

Improvements in or relating to feeding devices for water cooling systems of internal combustion engines. Alexandre Lamblin, May 11, 1925: GB212226-A

212,226. Lamblin, A. Feb. 27, 1923, [Convention date]. Radiators, aircraft and like.-Reservoirs or feeders 1 connected with the radiators 36, Fig. 11, and water circulation passages 35, 39 of internal-combustion engines, are formed around or connected to funnel-shaped members through which currents ...

Improvements in or relating to radiators for aircraft and like vessels or vehicles. Alexandre Lamblin, October 12, 1925: GB219963-A

219,963. Lamblin, A. Aug. 2, 1923, [Convention date]. Addition to 206,819. Radiators, aircraft and like.-The cooling-elements of radiators comprising spaced parallel loop-shaped chambers connected to juxtaposed headers 1, 2, as set forth in the parent Specification, are formed of a number of seamles ...

Improvements in or relating to cooling radiators for aircraft and other vehicles, and processes for their manufacture. Alexandre Lamblin, January 28, 1926: GB237274-A

237,274. Lamblin, A. Jan. 24, 1924, [Convention date]. Radiators, aircraft and like.- Tubular cooling elements of radiators for aircraft and other vehicles are V- shaped in cross-section, and disposed longitudinally with respect to the direction of movement of the vehicle. The elements may be formed ...

Motor car or lorry front. Alexandre Lamblin, December 28, 1921: GB152329-A

152,329. Lamblin, A. Oct. 8, 1919, [Convention date]. Supporting.-The front of the bonnet of a motor vehicle consists of a removable one-piece casting or framework A which is secured to the chassis by lugs B and is provided with openings F for the lamps.