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Described is a control unit including a recognition result receiver able to receive a recognition result, a recognition result association unit having associations of results with recognition engines, and a recognition engine activator able to activate the recognition engine associated with the reco ...

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A touchpad pointing device utilized as a pattern input device for a pattern recognition system. The input pattern received from the touchpad pointing device is translated into a start application command. The recognition system forms part of a computer having an operating system and includes a touch ...

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A handwritten pattern and stroke recognition system recognizes an input pattern by comparing it to reference patterns. The input and reference patterns comprise at least one stroke, where a stroke is defined as the series of sample points from pen-down to pen-up. The system of the present invention ...

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A pattern recognition method of dynamic time warping of two sequences of feature sets onto each other is provided. The method includes the steps of creating a rectangular graph having the two sequences on its two axes, defining a swath of width r, where r is an odd number, centered about a diagonal ...

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A telephone dialing speech recognition method includes determining a location associated with a cellular telephone from geographic indications provided by the cellular telephone, and selects associated search information as a function of the location. Speech based dialers operating in a car environm ...

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A method for reducing noise in a voice signal, and a voice operated system utilizing the same are presented. A noise component in a compressed digital signal representative of the voice signal is determined, and subtracted from the compressed digital signal.

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A speaker adaptation system and method for speech models of symbols displays a multi-word symbol to be spoken as a symbol. The supervised adaptation system and method has unsupervised adaptation for multi-word symbols, limited to the set of words associated with each multi-word symbol.

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A vocoder based voice recognizer recognizes a spoken word using linear prediction coding based vocoder data without completely reconstructing the voice data. The recognizer generates at least one energy estimate per frame of the vocoder data (60) and searches for word boundaries in the vocoder data ...