Gerald N Nkwantah
Michael K Gerlach, Gerald N Nkwantah, Giorgio B Trapani, Pradnya V Nagarkar, Phillip J Ralli: Method of making an intrinsic polarizer. 3M Innovative Properties Company, Oliff & Berridge, June 25, 2009: US20090163686-A1

An integrated wet stretch method of making an intrinsic polarizer includes the following steps in order: providing a polymeric film comprising poly(vinyl alcohol) and having an original length; immersing the polymeric film in a first bath comprising a first solution having a pH of less than about 3; ...

Gerald N Nkwantah
Xuequn Hu, Pradnya V Nagarkar, Gerald N Nkwantah, Michael K Gerlach, James P Dizio, Gregg S Cannavo: Optical element having optical adhesive layer and polarizer. 3M Innovative Properties Company, Oliff & Berridge, May 7, 2009: US20090117378-A1

An optical element includes a polarizer having oriented vinylene segments; a substrate; and an adhesive layer disposed between the polarizer and the substrate, the adhesive layer comprising aliphatic urethane(meth)acrylate oligomer, (meth)acryl monomer, silane, and crosslinker, the crosslinker compr ...

Robert C Francis, James P McGee, Robert A Sainati, Richard L Sheehan Jr, Sai Kit K Tong: Object tracking and management system and method using radio-frequency identification tags. 3M Innovative Properties Company, Melissa E Buss, July 29, 2003: US06600418 (516 worldwide citation)

An object tracking and management system and method using radio-frequency identification (“RFID”) tags is disclosed. Objects to be moved between locations are outfitted with RFID tags having information relating to the identities of the objects. The locations are also marked by RFID tags containing ...

Sharon R Garber, Bernard A Gonzalez, Mitchell B Grunes, Richard H Jackson, Gerald L Karel, John M Kruse, Richard W Lindahl, James E Nash, Chester Piotrowski, John D Yorkovich: Applications for radio frequency identification systems. 3M Innovative Properties Company, Peter L Olson, May 15, 2001: US06232870 (262 worldwide citation)

The present invention relates to RFID devices, including handheld RFID devices, and applications for such devices. The devices and applications may be used in connection with items that are associated with an RFID tag, and optionally a magnetic security element. The devices and applications are desc ...

Richard C Allen, Lockwood W Carlson, Andrew J Ouderkirk, Michael F Weber, Arthur L Kotz, Timothy J Nevitt, Carl A Stover, Biswaroop Majumdar: Brightness enhancement film. 3M Innovative Properties Company, John A Fortkort, August 29, 2000: US06111696 (252 worldwide citation)

An optical film is provided which comprises a disperse phase of polymeric particles disposed within a continuous birefringent matrix in combination with light directing materials to enable control of light emitted from a lighting fixture or display. The film is oriented, typically by stretching, in ...

Edward D Goff, Bernard A Gonzalez, Chester Piotrowski, Ching Long Tsai: Application for a radio frequency identification system. 3M Innovative Properties Company, Peter L Olson, January 1, 2002: US06335686 (239 worldwide citation)

Antenna shelf tape is disclosed for use with items having radio frequency identification elements or tags associated with items of interest.

James L Bries, Michael D Hamerski: Removable adhesive tape with controlled sequential release. 3M Innovative Properties Company, David B Patchett, December 14, 1999: US06001471 (238 worldwide citation)

Double-sided stretchable adhesive tapes are described for use in conventional applications, particularly including the mounting or joining of an object to another surface. An improvement lies within the ability to control the timing of the debonding of both surfaces so that one adhesive surface rele ...

Matthew H Frey, Lijun Zu, Edward S Hagermoser: Touch screen sensor. 3M Innovative Properties Company, May 15, 2012: US08179381 (221 worldwide citation)

A touch screen sensor includes a visible light transparent substrate and an electrically conductive micropattern disposed on or in the visible light transparent substrate. The micropattern includes a first region micropattern within a touch sensing area and a second region micropattern. The first re ...

Margaret M Sheridan, James L Bries, Jeffrey D Malmer, Audrey A Sherman, David J Kinning: Stretch releasing pressure sensitive adhesive tape and articles. 3M Innovative Properties Company, David B Patchett, May 27, 2003: US06569521 (221 worldwide citation)

A stretch releasing pressure sensitive adhesive tape includes a silicone pressure sensitive adhesive composition that exhibits a 180° peel strength on a glass substrate at 98% relative humidity of at least about 5.47 N/dm and a non-tacky tab. A stretch releasing pressure sensitive adhesive tape incl ...

Mark B O Neill, Sanford Cobb Jr: Brightness enhancement film with soft cutoff. 3M Innovative Properties Company, Stephen W Buckingham, June 29, 1999: US05917664 (216 worldwide citation)

A brightness enhancement film has a plurality of linear prisms. The prisms are disposed in pairs, each pair having first and second prisms and each prism has a prism angle and a valley angle. Either the prism angles or the valley angles, but not both, are equal.

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