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A wireless communication device (200) is disclosed. It can include: an electronic device (210) including a display (240); a wearable device (242) including a first orientation detector (244) configured to detect a suitable display viewing orientation; and a controller (220) including a power saving module (290) coupled to the electronic device (210), the controller (220) configured to control the operations of at least the display (240) in response to a suitable orientation detection. Advantageously, the wireless communication device (200) can provides a simple, portable, compact and robust power savings feature that can actuate a display when properly orientated for viewing by a user and not actuate the display when not suitably oriented.

A wireless communication device and method with an orientation detector
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March 6, 2009
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December 17, 2009
Sadler Daniel J
Black Greg R
Alameh Rachid M
Cunningham Gary J
Sadler Daniel J
Black Greg R
Alameh Rachid M
H04W 52/02
H04W 88/02
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