A system, method and computer-readable medium are disclosed for receiving situation information at a device, based on the situation information, transmitting an advertisement to the device, associating an advertisement with an identification card such as a debit car credit card, student ID card, biometric data, or club card, and receiving an indication of a purchase associated with the advertisement and completed using the card The disclosure enables a user to receive an advertisement on a device such as a mobile device and make a purchase decision based on that advertisement in a normal fashion or transparent to the user and sales clerk, without additional requirements to complete the purchase.

System and method for offering and fulfilling situation-based, location specific rewards and offers to mobile-oriented consumers
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January 15, 2009
Publication Date
December 17, 2009
Isaacson Thomas M
Blutinger Elan Joel
Bous Joseph
Isaacson Thomas M
Isaacson Thomas M
Blutinger Elan Joel
Bous Joseph
Alpine In Motion
G06Q 30/00
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