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Described are methods and devices for automatically coupling two or more mobile communication devices (502, 541) to share content such as calls, music, documents, video and games where two or more devices automatically determine the feasibility of sharing the content and negotiate to find an efficient manner in which to do so. In this way, the pairing between devices may be transparent to the users. Moreover, a better choice in a transport may be selected without user input. Each device may include a near field communication (NFC) device that when in range of the other device may automatically initiate pairing between the devices so that the devices may share content. The users of NFC enabled devices may have little or minimal interactions except that one or more users may bring the devices within range so that the NFCs may initiate the pairing between the devices.

Negotiation of a short range wireless communication parameters using configuration data received through rfid
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September 24, 2008
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May 7, 2009
Tian Jun
Ran Yingchun
Muehl Daniel R
Sheynman Arnold
CHEN Sylvia Y
Tian Jun
Ran Yingchun
Muehl Daniel R
Sheynman Arnold
H04W 08/00
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