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An apparatus for precise real-time measurement or measurement and control of the position and orientation of a target (105) relative to the position of a base (102) is disclosed. The base (102) has a distance sensor (101) with angle encoders arranged to send a beam to the target (105) to measure distance, altitude, and azimuth and to output spatial position data of the target. The target (105) has a target orientation sensor (103) mounted on a pan and tilt mechanism (113, 115), and is arranged through the pan and tilt mechanism (113, 115) to reflect the beam back to the distance sensor (101). The target orientation sensor (103) outputs orientation data being a measurement of orientation of the target (105). The apparatus also has an inertial reference system (104) including motion sensors (125, 127, 129, 131, 133, 135) in or on the target (105) to measure linear and angular acceleration in the target (105). Data is combined in processor circuitry (100) to derive position and orientation of the target (105) with respect to time, which can be used as input in the control of the position and orientation of the target (105).

System and method for precise real-time measurement of a target position and orientation relative to a base position, and control thereof
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August 28, 2008
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March 5, 2009
Wood Michael Barrington
Pivac Mark Joseph
GOLJA HAINES 35 Wickham Street East Perth Western Australia 6004
Wood Michael Barrington
Pivac Mark Joseph
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