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An optical filter that transmits light of the visible light region includes a dielectric substrate; a dielectric layer that is formed on a surface of the dielectric substrate; and a first metal structure group in which a plurality of first metal structures are arranged two-dimensionally in an isolated state in the in-plane direction of the dielectric substrate, that is provided between the dielectric substrate and the dielectric layer, comprising: the first metal structures having first and second lengths in first and second directions orthogonal to each other, which lengths are equal to or less than a first wavelength in the visible light region; and a transmittance of the first wavelength being reduced or a reflectance being increased by surface plasmons induced on a surface of the first metal structures by resonance between light incident on the dielectric substrate or the dielectric layer and the first metal structures.

Optical filter
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July 14, 2008
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January 22, 2009
Inao Yasuhisa
Ogino Masaya
Yamada Tomohiro
Inao Yasuhisa
Ogino Masaya
Yamada Tomohiro
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha
G02B 05/20
G02B 05/18
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