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The invention is directed to a system for securing an integrated circuit chip used in an electronic device by utilizing a circuit or other entity to produce physically unclonable functions (PUF) to generate a security word, such as an RSA public or private key. A PUF, according to its name and configuration, performs functions that are substantially difficult to be duplicated or cloned. This allows the invention to provide a unique and extremely secure system for authentication. In operation, the stored parameters can be used to more efficiently and quickly authenticate the device without the need to run the burdensome security key generation processes without compromising the level of security in the device. Such a system can be used to substantially eliminate the time to produce security keys when a user needs to authenticate the device at power up or other access point.

Electronically securing an electronic device using physically unclonable functions
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April 21, 2008
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December 31, 2008
Schwab Frank
Dean Gregory L
Erhart Richard A
Schwab Frank
Dean Gregory L
Erhart Richard A
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H04L 09/00
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